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  • Antique/Vintage Black Lacquer Hsun-Ok Offering Vessel, Burma (Myanmar)


    This hsun ok is set on a waisted pedestal flaring out to a circular foot-ring and with a lid topped by a tall elegantly hand-tooled spire finial that imitates the peak of a Buddhist stupa Each of the stupa’s circular spiral levels is lined in red cinnabar, as is the inside of the vessel. The base of the spiral is intricately decorated with four evenly placed quatrefoils each enclosing a mythological beast and interspersed with a flat flower surrounded by elegant curving elements. The bottom bowl section is set on a waisted pedestal with woven striations under the lacquer layers and flare out to a circular foot-ring. These stunning and superbly shaped pieces reveal much about Burmese artisans: their woodworking and lacquerware skills are elegant, their support for monastic life and their devotion to Buddhism is heartfelt and their graceful and spiritual works enhance the lives of those who live with them. This large hsun-ok in very good condition with a good patina and minor surface losses, some darkened areas, and few slightly damaged areas on the top edge of the bowl. Early 20th century hsun oks with much detail are relatively difficult to find.


  • Vintage Miniature Buddhist Offering Bowl, Burma/Myanmar


    Made in Pagan this miniature Hsun-ok demonstrates the remarkable sense of design of Burmese wood-carvers. It is crafted in two separate parts and replicate the shape of larger Hsun-Ok, which traditionally have covers with spired lids topped by elegant finials that imitate the soaring outline of Burmese stupas. This relative modest piece is composed of circular tiers repeated on the foot and the bottom part of the stupa. A very laborious process was used to make this elegant piece using woven bamboo covered with many, many layers of lacquer and it is in excellent condition.

  • Vintage Small Hsun Ok, Burma/Myanmar


    Smaller hsun oks like this are placed in homes on a domestic shrine or on a “Buddha shelf” (payazin) on the eastern wall of the home . Given its size this one may have served as a decorative piece. As is traditional, a spired lid with a finial, which represents the soaring outline of a Burmese pagoda, surmounts the cover. This stupa is shorter and squatter than most hsun oks but retains its delicate profile as it rises from a flaring base of woven bamboo to a rounded center and is topped by a stupa with two bulbous finials. Its simple yet sophisticated design is comprised of rows of parallel raised lines at the bottom, intricate triangular and beaded borders in the center and a surface of triangles and narrow rows holding up the stupa all formed from a combination of lacquer sap and ash molded together and delicately hand applied as if it were putty. Small but elegant this smaller early 20th century hsun ok is unique it its embellishment is in excellent condition with a wonderful warm patina.

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