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  • Antique Lacquer and Gilt Straits Chinese (Peranakan) Shrine Cabinet, China


    This beautifully carved and heavily gilt antique cabinet is a fine example of Straits Chinese furniture made in Guangdong for the Southeast Asia market.  Double hinged vertical doors with wood pegs are composed of three carved openwork panels: horizontals on top and bottom and a tall one in between. Each door has a phoenix flanked by peonies in the center panel. Above and below the doors are open-work panels with florals running horizontally. The shrine rests on a low pedestal with curving gilt lines and florals. Above and below the tall panels are thin horizontal panels centered with a pod filled with seeds expressing a wish for many sons. The inside rear wall has a painted outline of a gilt table holding a finely painted gold, black and grey Chinese screen.

  • Antique Document Holder with Poem and Auspicious Symbols, China


    This  delicately carved and elaborate document holder was designed to be mounted on a wall held up by its back panel with sumptuously carved floral cutouts and graceful curvilinear embellishments. It was clearly intended as a wedding gift as it is embellished with a huge assortment of auspicious symbols for newly weds, with wishes for wealth, glory, harmony, unity, fertility, the birth of sons, longevity among others.  The scalloped carrier section is covered with with black, red and gilt designs and poems by the very famous Song Dynasty poet Su Shi. This would be a wonderful, unique, and appropriate wedding gift to send the bride and groom off with the best possible wishes.

  • Antique Lacquer Cabinet on Carved Stand with Interior Drawer, China


    This small decorative elm lacquer storage cabinet has two carved and lacquered red doors with with a gilt frame and doors with attached raised panels with black and gilt  auspicious paintings of birds and florals. Pieces like this were often placed on or near a kang, the Chinese home sleeping platform also used for working, living, and entertaining. It was  convenient for storage and low enough to double as a small table. It  is made of two parts, the main section sits on a carved stand with horseshoe feet and  opens to a wide interior drawer. The sparkling border around the doors is probably inset with crushed shells.  The decorative metal pulls on the doors and drawer are original.  As with many Qing vernacular cabinets, the lacquer frame is in excellent condition while the raised painted panels are cracked with paint losses.

  • Antique Low Lacquered Wood Table, China


    This charming small antique wood cabinet has two intricately carved drawers for storage and was probably made from elmwood.  Its low profile and fine lacquered finish add warmth and a touch of antique fine craftsmanship lends itself to a multitude of uses in any setting.  Auspicious symbols to bring blessings of fu carved on it include peonies and vines surrounding the butterfly pull, plum blossom and a Japanese lily on the left. The two sides have inset panel with florals and the bottom of the three sides has a decorative apron with fretwork vine design. It is covered with a warm patina which extends to the detailed brass butterfly handles. The drawers have marvelous carved wood designs.

  • Antique Miniature Gilt Cabinet, Side Carving, China


    Small furniture pieces were made for many purposes, including as gifts for newly married couples to store small precious items. This cabinet painted in auspicious red and gilt with block feet and a scalloped apron is especially charming with front door panels decorated with raised rectangular registers bordered in black and gilt and a bottom drawer with original metal pulls decorated with painted florals. The ornate side panel has two small and one large deeply carved registers:  the bottom two registers have floral images, the top second register is a peony, and the top is a couple under a willow tree.

  • Antique Miniature Home Altar Table, Decorative Panels with a Hǒu , China


    As a wish for a prosperous and healthy family with many sons, this small table probably was in a young couple’s bedroom to hold small personal statues and store precious items. On the right panel Guanyin sits a hǒu holding a lotus in each hand and the left panel has two rats with melons.  The 3 drawers and 2 doors have metal teardrop pulls on radiating scalloped discs. The doors and delicately scrolled apron are adorned with finely carved, painted, heavily gilded, and lacquer-covered reliefs surrounded by rounded borders with more auspicious symbols. The piece has a red and brown hue with bright red insets and is in excellent condition.

  • Antique Stoneware Fruit Offering


    This colorful stoneware sculpture of a food offering would have been placed on a Chinese family home altar to augment or in lieu of a plate of stacked fresh fruit. These offerings were and are still made by followers of Buddhism, Taoist and Popular Religions to honor the family’s ancestors, communicate with deities and bring prosperity, good luck and health to the home.

  • Antique/Vintage Tamo Ash Jewelry Box, Japan


    This exquisite rectangular vintage Japanese jewelry box stands on raised decorative feet, has 4 pull-out drawers of varying size, and a single door for storage.  The piece is in excellent condition with moderate signs of wear. It has its original metal hardware including warabite style drawer handles, the most common form used on tansu, considered one the more “classic” forms. In addition to its original use, it would be a perfect piece for storing small collectibles and or accessories.


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