Antique Enameled Yixing Stoneware Teapot, China (1152A-PAR)


H: 2.625”  W: 6.125”  D: 4” | FREE SHIPPING

This delicate and very rare antique Yixing teapot is unusually shaped with a circular loop handle, short spout, flaring rim and small flat cover with a round finial. The four small loops/lugs below its rim to suspend it indicate it may have been used for oil or soy sauce rather than tea. Decorated with free hand-painted colored enamels, it has six raised circular panels around the body each containing fanciful and bright floral and leaf decorations on white and yellow backgrounds. This pairs well with Yixing Stoneware Pot 1152B.


Yixing stoneware pottery items are among the most popular of all Asian ceramics. The clay used for the pottery comes from an area near Yixing city and has been used to make teaware and Pouring-Vessels since the Ming Dynasty. When fired, the clay becomes very insulating allowing it to retain heat, and since it is naturally porous it can absorb oils released during brewing which results in the “seasoning” of the pot’s interior that improves the flavor with continual use. Chinese tea connoisseurs consider Yixing teapots the best vessel for brewing tea and use different teapots for each kind of tea. Potters use the unique purple and red clay to hand craft teaware and Small-Teapots, made for single servings which enables faster, better and more economical brewing recognized by their unique handle and spout design. Exported to Europe starting in the 17th century, where they still retain their popularity, it was not until the 18th century that they were used at home and artisans began to make them in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Yixing pieces are mostly unglazed but sometimes are coated or decorated with applied brightly colored enamel glaze. Unlike Western teaware, only water is used to wash a Yixing pot. However, we strongly recommend using functional-and-utilitarian antique pieces for decorative and collecting purposes only and not for serving beverages. This teapot is part of the VA Antique-Chinese-Ceramics-and-Pottery Collection.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in
Place of Origin



Antique, Qing Dynasty


19th Century

Materials and Technique


Dimensions (inches)

Ht: 2.625” W: 6.125” D: 4”

Dimensions (metric)

Ht: 6.67cm W: 15.56cm D: 10.16cm


Excellent, fine patina demonstrating age and use

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8 oz

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