Antique (1700-1920) Anything over 100 years old is considered an antique, generally defined as items made before 1920. Our expanded definition includes the Pre-modern period (1200-1700) broadly defined as between the late medieval period and the 18th century. In China, this timespan includes the Ming (1368-1644) Qing (1644-1912) Dynasties and early years of the Chinese Republic (1912-1949). In Japan it includes the Edo (1603-1867) and Meiji (1869-1912) Periods.

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  • Antique/Vintage Carved Hindu Deity Child’s Doll, South India


    This antique hardwood local female deity from a provincial area in South India represents a Devi, a positive spirit and fertility deity. Hand crafted as a child’s toy, it was intentionally crudely carved without much detail or reality, created to entertain and instill pride in the local community’s heritage and religion. It has a shiny patina from natural hand oil from being handled a century or so.  

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