Of the many types of pearls, the brightest luster is from the all-natural Keshi Pearls. Keishi freshwater pearls are are formed from loose tissue inside small freshwater mollusks and are cultured into myriad shapes, sizes and colors. They are all natural with an attractive luster and have organic shapes prized by jewelry designers.They are thought to boost memory and the ability to think and make decisions, lessen anger, and help create good relationships, calmness and increases in one’s power.

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  • Barry Brinker 27″ Necklace with Carved 3.5″ Stone Fish, Black Pearl and Silver Fittings (P142LKE) $425

    Pendant 3.5″ Chain 27″ | FREE SHIPPING

    This elegant necklace is part of the VA Barry Brinker Vintage Collection which are created before the year 2000. The pendant is a finely carved stone fish with a beautiful dangling black natural pearl hanging from its mouth. The 27″ rolo necklace chain and fittings are 950 silver and has a clasp containing the Barry Brinker signature flame shape tag with incised initials that secures to the clasp.

  • Barry Brinker 28″ Pearl Cluster Necklace (N372N-AEM) $585

    H: 2.75”  D: 2.625”  D: 0.5” | FREE SHIPPING

    This marvelous silver pendent necklace is a one-of-a kind artistic jewelry piece created by gifted, popular and well-known jewelry designer Barry Brinker more than two decades ago. Its high quality silver (950) pendent is composed of three gorgeous white pearl crosses and has a 28” silver chain.  The silver chain has the Barry Brinker (BB) signature flame shaped tag as part of the clasp.

  • Barry Brinker Natural Black Pearl Cross Silver Necklace (P062LKE) $475

    Chain 18.5”  Cross 1.75” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This striking Barry Brinker necklace has pendant made of a black cross shaped pearl encased in a wide silver casing. The rear of the cross and the tag on the clasp are incised with the iconic BB signature and flame.  The fittings and rolo style are 950 sterling silver. The meaning of a black pearl varies by culture, but it is known to be associated with and symbolize beauty, power, wealth and protection. In this piece it creates a beautiful natural iridescent in the shape of a spiritual cross.

  • Barry Brinker Silver Brooch with 3 Natural Freshwater Pearl Crosses (N372B-AEM) $495

    H: 2″  W: 2.5″  D: 0.75″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This marvelous silver brooch is a one-of-a kind artistic jewelry piece created in a silver casing by well-known popular jewelry designer Barry Brinker more than two decades ago.  This beautiful and striking brooch has three large natural white freshwater pearl crosses which seemingly float with 950 silver fittings.

  • Contemporary Silver Necklace with 6 Natural Black Pearls (P067LKE) $495

    Chain 18.5″ Cross H: 1.75″ | FREE SHIPPING

    This magnificent Barry Brinker choker necklace has a pendant cross consisting of  six round black natural freshwater pearls. The rolo style silver chain, suspension loop signed using the initials BB, and other components are made with 950 sterling silver and has his signature flame shaped  clasp with his initials.

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