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We consider items that show homage and devotion to faith-based beliefs which on our site includes major religions Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism (we have no Islamic items); folk and popular religions; animism and shamanism. We also include ritual ceremonial items and objects that serve as a transitional link between the living and those in the afterworld. This encompasses a huge range of objects: carvings, paintings, textiles, jewelry, masks, pottery and other items.

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  • Antique Dhokra Brass Measuring Bowl, India (9500A-WAH)

    H: 3.875” Dia: 3.875” | FREE SHIPPING!

    Dhokra items like this measuring bowl for rice or other grains are beautifully and often intricately decorated, very accessible, made with an appealing simplicity and in uncomplicated forceful and captivating forms. Made by the lost wax technique, each item has a distinct one-of-a-kind identity as the mold is broken after use so no copies can be made. This charming piece is a typical small grain measure and has a rounded lip, bulging body, and handle for hanging and decorated with horizontal striations across the top half bordered by a band of downward striated triangles, and a broad horizontal band at the center. It is in very good condition with a smooth patina from prolonged use and its considerable age.

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  • Antique Earth God Tudi Gong, China (16332BOK) $775

    H: 12.125”  W: 6.125”  D: 4.125” | FREE SHIPPING

    This vibrant and finely carved wood statue is the old good-natured Earth God Tudi Gong once found in most rural communities throughout China. He is a kind and benevolent god as seen by his good natured features, believed to live in and help residents of small villages, especially for issues relating to agriculture or wealth.   As an administrator he sits on a horseshoe chair wearing officials clothes and carries a tael, a gold bar that symbolizes a wish for wealth. With his sweet and unpretentious demeanor, he looks like someone you just like to hang out with. Once in every village and most homes, these charming images have, like all Taoist deity images, become scarce.



  • Antique Lacquered Wood Pair Fu Lion Furniture Bases, China (16735BSE) $595

    H: 4.25″  W: 2″  D: 0.75″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    During the Ming and Qing dynasties, small fu lion pairs were very popular accessories. As protectors of Buddhism, they are both menacing and friendly and this remarkably fanciful pair of crouching beasts joyously reflects both traits, with floppy ears, smiling open mouthed faces with tongues hanging out, and curled tails versus bushy eyebrows, bulging eyes and long pointed nails. As originally decorations on furniture with flat rear sides, they can stand alone as decorative accessories or even be a great pair of bookends. However they are used, they are guaranteed to bring a smile to those who are fortunate to see them on a regular basis.

  • Antique Pair of Stone Fu Lions, China (17044BOE) $695

    H: 8”  W: 5.5”  D: 3.25” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This is a really great pair of stone small fu lions with lots of character, humor, and detailed carving. Each of these very joyous creatures has open mouthed smiling faces with radiant eyebrows and tufts below their chins, scalloped manes and bushy tails. Carved from one piece of a blackish hard stone they could easily withstand additional wear of the elements in a garden. Pairs of fu lions like this belong in the home of people who appreciate spirituality and wish for happiness and fortune along with a touch of wit and whimsy.

  • Antique Stone Earth God Tudi Gong, China (17406BSK) $725

    H: 8”  W: 5”  D4” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This antique stone Tudi Gong statue was finely crafted by a local provincial artisan and reflects many traditional characteristics of this beloved lower status deity: a benevolent face, voluminous rotund belly, slouched shoulders, and holding taels to bestow wealth and fortune and maybe assurances to rural common folk. In his past he rested happily on an outdoor shrine, and would be very happy to continue doing so in a home garden to bring prosperity and an aura of past times to a new family.

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  • SOLD Ancient Catacomb Terracotta Oil Lamp, Roman Empire (1885A-WAR)


    This Roman catacomb terracotta oil lamp is a basic, undecorated, and functional lamp beautiful in its simplicity. It is a well moulded piece with a finely rounded circular body, a short raised rim surrounding the fill hole centered in the middle, and has a hand made spatulate nozzle added to its body. The nozzle extends out with flat angular ridges and a wide opening to accommodate the wick which extends from inside the lamp,through the nozzle, and then reaches over its edge. It has no handle but, like all such lamps, it has a flat bottom to rest comfortably and securely on any surface.  Much of the original crème slip on this lamp remains and has turned a brownish-beige from the soil in which it was buried underground. There are minor chips the rim atop the fuel chamber and projecting nozzle and is otherwise is very good condition.

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