Guanyin is often shown with a vial or vase that sometimes holds a willow branch which has many interpretations: it contains amitra, the nectar or sacred precious dew of compassion, healing and immortality; symbolizes the tears of her followers; and represents the compassion she uses in blessing all living beings physically and spiritually and removes suffering and cleanses evil karma.

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  • Antique Nanhai Guanyin of the Southern Seas with Vial and Parrot, China


    This remarkable spiritual work combines characteristics of provincially rendered carvings with imperially sanctioned images of Nanhai Guanyin. She sits in meditation on a backless throne on a stylized rocky outcrop flanked by twisting vertical structures holding her vial and white parrot. Her half-closed eyes glance down serenely under painted arched eyebrows. She wears an arched crown over hair looped over her ears and down her shoulders and flowing gold robes bordered in red in contrast to the flesh tones of the face, chest, and hands. Much of the pigmentation and gilt on this artfully rendered image remains. Surviving depictions of her with the vial and the filial parrot in good condition are relatively rare.


  • Antique Nanhai Guanyin of the Southern Seas, China


    This charming extremely well-modeled carving depicts a hooded Nanhai Guanyin in her Cave on Mount Putuo seated in lalitsana, below a symbolic arch of draped moss on an open lotus below by two closed lotuses all set above a round base. The Nanhai manifestation of Guanyin was massively popular during the Ming/Ching dynasties and provincial wood images were made for placement on home altars throughout China. Her arm resting on an outcrop holds scrolls represents the dharma and sutras and behind her are a vial with the tears of her devotees and parrot, her constant companion.  Small Nanhai images for home shrines containing all these symbols in such good condition are very rare.


  • Antique Nanhai Guanyin with Vial and Parrot, China


    In this elegant and vibrant carving Nanhai Guanyin sits in meditation and feet in padmasana. Her beautiful, serene face is elegantly carved in contemplation, with half-closed eyes and bud-shaped lips softly set in a welcoming and benign sweet smile. Her forehead is framed with soft curls and long hair drawn into chignon set behind her striated five-lobed crown and falling in knotted braids to her shoulders. Wearing elegant long flowing gilt and red robes, she sits on an open lotus surrounded by a vertical post with her sacred vile on her right and a parrot on the left. Antique carved Nanhai Guanyin statues with her symbols in this condition are quite wonderful and rare and impart a feeling of serenity to the environment around them.



  • Bronze Guanyin in Meditation, Thailand


    This lovely 20th century Thai bronze statue is the White Clad Guanyin seated in meditation with her hands in her lap holding her vial of precious dew with her legs covered by her robes which flow to the top of the finely rendered multi-tiered lotus throne. Her open hood is centered by a mandorla surrounding an image of Buddha Amitabha, the Buddha of Infinite Light, her spiritual teacher. She is a vision of compassionate serenity with her half closed eyes and benevolent smile.

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