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  • Antique Large Lohan, Probably Bodhidharma, China (16436B-WHKE)

    H: 27.5”  W: 12.75”  D: 9.75” | CALL/EMAIL FOR SHIPPING QUOTE

    This masterfully crafted rare Ming or early Qing image portrays the heavily bearded Lohan Bodhidharma. Since it is similar to the Large Lohan with Hands in Reverence (16436A) in size, style and robes, it is likely they both were carved by the same artist and displayed together and strongly feel that should be kept together as they were for centuries. Both images display brilliant treatment of the bone structure, facial features and elaborate natural drapery of the robes. The statue has a wonderful warm patina with much of the original red polychrome remaining.



  • Antique Polychrome Monk on Stand, China (16328CSE)

    H: 23.25″  W: 31.75″  D: 9″

    This serene and meditational figure represents a Mahayana Buddhist monk on a backless chair, right leg crossed and held by his left hand, and his right hand palms out with elegantly carved fingers in a sign of blessing.  With his gentle features – eyes half-closed looking down and his mouth set in a slight sweet smile, enlarged ear lobes of an enlightened being – and softly flowing robe he brings a peaceful and meditative spirt to any space. Made to be viewed in the round, most of the original pastel pigmentation of greens, browns and beige and black remains. It mounted on a custom black wood stand.

  • Antique Rare Large Lohan with Hands in Reverence, China (16436A-WHKE)

    H: 28.25  W: 12.75”  D: 9.75” | CALL/EMAIL FOR SHIPPING QUOTE

    This beautifully crafted rare 17-18th century Ming/Qing large Lohan is from the same Buddhist site as the foreign-born heavy bearded Lohan (Bodhidharma), and the same artist may have carved both. He sits on a high backless throne in monks attire: robes with a cowl over his shoulders tied under his chin, extended belt, material draped between his legs, and wavelike creases at the arms, elbows, knees, shoulders, and legs with monk’s red slippers.  He is portrayed as a real person with very individual, distinctive, and un-idealized features. His large and wide forehead sets off the hood that lies flat on his shaved head. His benevolent youthful face sweetly smiling face with downcast eyes is an image of compassion, wisdom and peace.

  • Antique Wood and Lacquer Monk (Lohan), China (16098BSK)

    H: 13.25”  W: 7.5”  D: 6.25” | FREE SHIPPING

    This finely carved Lohan carved to be viewed on all sides sits in meditation his serene expression of inward concentration enhanced with his downcast eyes. He wears a hooded robe with a traditional shoulder ring and a cowl at the neck and wide sleeves that drapes to the base.  His highly decorated robes with gilt highlights are unusual, as Lohans generally wear unadorned monastic robes. This image is more youthful rather than a traditional  elderly monk.


  • Antique Wood and Lacquer Monk (Lohan), China (16241BHK)

    H: 14.25”  W: 7.125”  D: 4.875” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This finely carved seated Lohan from Fukien Province has a characteristic serene expression of inward concentration and is seated on a backless plinth, hands in meditation and legs in padmasana. His oversized head and pendulous ears symbolize his wisdom as an enlightened being, and his angular face with deeply set heavily lidded eyes, protruding cheekbones, pursed lips, and a strong chin indicate his strength as a Lohan. An elaborate robe with wide sleeves is draped over his shoulders, arms, and legs and his sash is pulled through a wide shoulder ring indicating his status as a Lohan.


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