Vintage Carved Dewi Sri Rice Harvest Goddess, Bali (3044WOK)


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This rare vintage carving was probably made for a temple, home shrine or rice field temple dedicated to Dewi Sri, the Balinese Goddess of Rice. Resented as a young and beautiful woman with fine facial features and an hourglass-shaped body, she has a narrow waist and wears intricately carved clothing topped with an elaborate headdress that frames her head, covers the ears and extends below her cheeks. The richly embroidered garment is carved in fine detail, and she wears thick red arm and wristbands and an intricate collar around her neck. This finely crafted piece was personally purchased in Bali in the 1970s. It is in very good condition with an aged  patina showing both age and use, minor scratches and 2 minor chips on the crown. The hole near the bottom indicates this piece may have been attached to a larger decorative scheme.


This Balinese woodcarving of Dewi Sri or Devi Sri (Shridevi in India) is a spiritual and ritual art piece of the most revered and worshipped goddess in Bali and Java. Essentially a piece of Hindu-cultural-and-ritual-art of an attractive ethnic goddess and an Earth-God who controls rice fields and the growth of rice, she personifies the life force in Hinduism, controls birth and life, wealth and prosperity, rice surpluses (the source of wealth for Bali and Java) and also poverty, famine and death. Although Indonesians are mostly Balinese Hindu with a minority Muslim, a belief in animism was practiced long before the arrival of Hinduism, is ingrained in the belief systems of all indigenous Indonesians and is worshipped in parallel with all religions. Homes have shrines dedicated to Dewi Sri and prayers and colorful offerings for health and prosperity are made to her daily. Special Balinese shrines and temples in ricefields dedicated to her are also maintained by nearby village farmers part of social and work groups called a subak organized by farmers for agricultural cooperation and who share rice fields and work together. Subak members maintain Dewi Sri temples and Hindu shrines dedicated to her and celebrate agricultural festivals together, especially on holidays dedicated to her. They decorate the temple to beautify it with colorful offerings made of from carved bamboo, banana leaves, woven rattan, other natural materials and attract the deity and to bring her favor. Also, old Chinese coins are tied into an offering figure called a salang placed in temples and wood figures of her like this are also made to honor her.


Sidarta Wijaya, A Balinese Folktale: Dewi Sri, Goddess of Rice,, 2007.

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Place of Origin


Materials and Technique

Wood, polychrome


Antique/Vintage (1910-1980)



Dimensions (inches)

Ht: 13.5” W: 3” D: 2.375”

Dimensions (metric)

Ht: 34.29cm W 7.62cm D: 6.032cm


.6 oz

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3044 WOK

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