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  • Antique Icon of Mother of God of “The Three Hands” Holding the Infant Christ, Russia


    This vibrant antique icon of Virgin Mary of the The Three Hands is a traditional Eastern Orthodox image of the Mother of God with the infant Christ seated on her right arm and her left raised and pointing to him. Her three hands confirm her special healing powers based on the legend of Saint John of Damascus. The Eastern Orthodox Church triparion hymn states that “the Mother of God takes the Son with two hands, but the third one symbolizes protection for all praying people.” Russian icons are regarded as the Gospel in paint and are typically small paintings on wood panels using tempera and often ornate gold leaf. Panel cross members or “back slats” were used in pre-1890 Russian icons like this one which is in very good condition with expected signs of aging gilt, surface chips, cracks and paint losses. She is bordered on each side of the frame by saints.

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