Antique Official, Green Robe Holding His Belt of Office, China, 18th Century, (16470BKE) SPECIAL PRICE

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Perfect for placement on an enterprising individual’s desk, this 18th century carving of an ancestor figure as an official was meant to honor the effort, achievement and status accorded to high officials during the Qing dynasty. Seated on a backless chair he wears official’s attire and proudly holds up his belt of office emphasizing his status and achievements. Likely placed on a home altar, the carved inscription on the back indicates it was probably consecrated by a monk or Taoist priest.


Families often commissioned ancestor statues in the likeness of a civil or military official as these images conveyed the wish for a rise in rank or the aspiration to become an official as well as admiration for the integrity, endurance and perseverance associated with status as an official. This ancestor statue is a Chinese official sitting on a backless chair in traditional official’s pose and attire. His feet are firmly planted, a position reinforcing his social standing and rank. His left hand holds up his belt of office to proudly show his high status and the right is placed over the knee obscured by his long flowing robe. He wears an official’s hat high on his forehead which also represents his officialdom, as the word “hat” (guan) is a homophone of the word “official.” His extremely well-defined face is highlighted with painted eyebrows and pupils inside his deeply carved lidded eyes. His green robe extends to his boots, extremely costly items of status worn only by those who could afford them. Officials endured a difficult series of civil exams and those with the highest scores were chosen to become part of the government’s bureaucratic administration. Whether the official reached a higher office or not, this selection resulted in a secure position of status and prosperity for him and his family. The back of the chair, which is partially worn with age, contains numerous inscriptions that are too faded to read and indicate it may have been consecrated.  It  likely reorded the official’s name, title, date and a dedication from the family who commissioned to honor him with  to place it on the home altar for veneration. In very good condition, much of the original pigment and gilt remain with expected minor losses, cracks and chips normal for its age and use. It is mounted on a frosted acrylic stand and would make a unique gift for an enterprising person to place on his/her desk.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 6 in
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Antique, Qing Dynasty

Materials and Technique



18th century

Dimensions (inches)

Ht: 10.375" W: 6.125" D: 3.5"

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Ht: 56.51cm W: 18.41cm D: 22.581cm


1 lb

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