Antique/Vintage Bejeweled Dancer, Burma/Myanmar (T038PACK) $1250


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This exquisite teak carving of a Mandalay Burmese male dancer wearing a sarong is in a fluid twisted pose emphasizing his strength, balance and grace with his raised hand is in a position similar to a Buddhist mudra. His humble status is reflected his head scarf and a bejeweled sarong with insert glass that reflect light and add movement and depth. His joyful beautiful face stares with open eyes and slightly parted lips It is simply a gorgeous work mounted on a contemporary frosted stand to complement any setting.


Artisans from Burma/Myanmar are masterful carvers of lyrical teak figures in action, whether they are dancers, nats, attendants, or deities. Although there is a metal hook on the back ostensibly to attach the piece to a surface or wall to embellish architectural religious, governmental, or secular structures, it was fashioned to be viewed in the round with carving on the back side as masterful as the front. Bent at the elbow, his raised hand with delicate fingers are in a position similar to a Buddhist mudra. The dancer’s humble status is reflected in the finely carved peasant head scarf holding his long hair tied in a bun. His beautiful face stares with open eyes and slightly parted lips as if he is enjoying and sharing his performance. The artistic mastery is seen in the treatment of the Burmese sarong (longyi) with delicate creases and folds of the thin diaphanous material and the zigzag scarf that flares out over his right arm as if fluttering in the wind. This parallels the diagonals of his upper legs and echoes the shape of the central diagonal sash flowing down across his right leg and continues as a single piece across the dancer’s back up to his shoulder. A longyi is a long woven cloth traditionally worn outside of cities, especially by the elderly and bathing in public for modesty and as school uniforms. Burmese carvings like this are often bejeweled with inserted round red glass “jewels” (many now missing) that reflect light and add movement and depth. It is in excellent condition for its age with much of the soft pastel blue and white pigment remains and mounted on a frosted acrylic base. It is part of the VA Burmese-Art Collection.

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Place of Origin



Antique/Vintage (1910-1980)


Early 20th Century

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Dimensions (inches)

Ht: 19.75” W: 7.75 D: 5"

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Ht: 50.16cm W: 19.68cm D: 12.7cm


5lb 1oz


Excellent, age appropriate signs of wear

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