Axum Cross

Named for the town where they are made, Axum crosses are the most common Ethiopian pendent cross especially in Tigray in Eritrea and Ethiopia. Axum was an early center of African Christianity and one of the holiest cities in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and site of St. Mary’s of Zion church where the Arc of the Covenant is believed to be housed. These crosses commonly have lattice pattern of a never-ending knot of interwoven threads symbolizes unity, the order of life and the Church, eternity and everlasting life. Their geometric squares or rectangles symbolize the Arc of Covenant which Ethiopian Christians claim rests in Axum’s St. Mary’s of Zion church.

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  • Antique/Vintage Ethiopian Coptic Cross, Axum (E325ZLX) $150

     Ht: 2.5″  W: 1.325″  |  FREE SHIPPING!

    The top of this early 20th century Ethiopian Cross is circular with pierced and etched circles enclosing a stylized cross. The circle reflects the Egyptian ankh but was reinterpreted by Copts to symbolize Christ’s halo, divinity and resurrection. The three arms are decorated with an etched crisscross matrix on the front and end in stylized rectangles. A stylized Cross-Pattée with flaring arms is enclosed in the center.  The necklace chain necklace is not included.


  • Vintage Ethiopian Axum Coin Silver Coptic Cross (E306YBL) $75

    Ht: 3.25  W: 1.625″  | FREE SHIPPING!

    This large and heavy vintage Axum cross is centered with a never-ending knot created by pierced geometric forms enhanced by etched lines.  The flared arms have modified rectangle that may represent the Ark of the Covenant. The knotted endless lines thwart malevolent beings from entering or reaching the wearer and conquer demons by trapping them.  Using the lost wax technique, it is a one-of-a-kind  pendant. The chain necklace is not included.


  • Vintage Ethiopian Axum Coptic Cross (E310YBL)

    Ht: 2.44″  W: 1.56″  |  FREE SHIPPING!

    This vintage Coptic Axum cross pendant has a circle on top with pierced cutouts and the body has extended arms ending in stylized rectangles with etched circles decorated with etched cross-hatching. The squares at the arms ends may represent the Ark of the Covenant. The stamped circles are “protective eyes” to deflect misfortune and avert the “evil eye.” Made using the lost wax technique, it is a one of a kind piece. The chain necklace is not included.



  • Vintage Ethiopian Axum Coptic Cross (E311YBL)

    Ht: 3″  W: 2.62″  |  FREE SHIPPING

    This vintage Ethiopian cross pendant was crafted hand in Axum, known for its crosses with religious geometric shapes and symbols and apotropaic symbols to provide protection to the wearer. The center with cutouts and etched linear decorations simulates an endless knot to entangle malevolent spirits and the small incised circles on the arms are “protective eyes” that are believed to be able to bring blessings, deflect misfortune and avert the “evil eye.”  The chain necklace is not included.


  • Vintage Ethiopian Coin Silver Axum Coptic Cross (E309YBL) $70

    Ht: 2.54″  W:1.5625″  |  FREE SHIPPING!

    This vintage Axum Ethiopian cross pendant has religious and apotropaic symbols. The curved rectangular end shapes represent the Ark of the Covenant and the circles represents the eternal and everlasting love of God  demonstrated Christ’s resurrection. The circles are also “protective eyes” that can bring blessings and repel evil. The gracefully stylized never-ending knots in the center entraps evil spirits for eternity.


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