After an Eye-Opening Ceremony, a flat piece of wood called a bung was sealed with adhesive to cover the consecrated image’s back cavity. The image’s rear side was then painted and/or covered with lacquer to permanently seal the cavity, make it tamper proof and assure articles placed inside would remain and complete the artistic scheme on the front of the piece.

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  • Antique Attendant Sword Bearer to Guandi, God of War, China (16112LSE) $875

    H: 23.25”  W: 11.5”  D: 7.75” | CALL 213-568-3030 FOR SHIPPING

    This rare fine woodcarving represents Chou Ts’ang, the aide-de-camp to Guandi, the most revered military hero in Chinese history. Portrayed with black skin tones, he has an intense expression highlighted by inset glass eyes and wears a military uniform with raised beads bordering his topcoat tied above his waist, a belt below his stomach, and heavy black military boots and hat. The sword he originally held is now missing.  His plain round pedestal has an indentation in the middle, possibly to affix the figure to a larger configuration.


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  • Antique Attendant with Offering, China (16424A-BLE) $435

    H: 15.5″. W: 5.5″. D: 4.24″  | FREE SHIPPING!

    This well-carved figure represents an attendant that would have been on a home altar to accompany a Taoist figure. Standing on a tall pedestal with a slight smile and downcast eyes, he reaches across his chest to present a rounded box secured with a ribbon. He wears an official’s hat and boots, open waistcoat over an undergarment secured at the waist. The pointed inner panel of his lower garment has slightly flaring panels with incised carved decorations.  He is in very good condition with remains of the original lacquer and gilt which have naturally darkened from age and. from years of incense, age and use.

  • Antique Carved Wood Taoist Priest, China (16157ERK) $350

    H: 9.25”  W: 4.5”  D: 3.25” | FREE SHIPPING

    This well carved image probably is a Taoist official that was placed on a home altar along with other religious and ancestral carvings to summon good wishes and energy and ward off malevolent forces. His high status and importance as a Taoist official are affirmed by his static pose, solemn face, official’s robes and refined hat and the red and gilt pigmentation covering the front and back.

  • Antique Home Altar Queen Mother of the West, China (16035TSK) $395

    H: 12.5”  W: 4.875”  D: 3.375” | FREE SHIPPING!

    Finely carved from one piece of dense hardwood, this Queen Mother of the West image sits in a traditional pose on a backless throne with a large iconic phoenix on her hat and wearing in a graceful robe with two fingers of her right-hand holding a long sleeve that covers her left hand – common in Taoist deity images. It was brightly painted as seen by her red garments under a lacquered cover that naturally darkened over time from  incense and candle offerings.  Her carved facial features with pursed lips depict a caring, authoritative matronly figure.


  • Antique Kitchen God and His Wife (16850D-BME) $695

    H: 7.25″  W: 3″  D: 1.625″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This Kitchen God and his wife are mirror-images, originally placed above the stove to monitor and bring good luck to the household. Finely carved, they wearing simplified officials robes and symbolically hold a tablet. Their bright colors have faded naturally into a smooth warm patina which adds comfort and positive feng sui to any kitchen decor and are unique wedding gifts.

  • Antique Kitchen God and His Wife, China (16840BME) $850

    H: 7.5″  W: 2.875″  D: 2″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This pair is VA’s most unique and finely crafted Kitchen God couple. Wearing beautifully carved robes, clasping Hu tablets, they have    approachable features and subtly smiling lips. The painted character on the base is a wish for “happiness.”  These exceptional consecrated pieces are in excellent condition with a fine patina.


  • Antique Kitchen God and His Wife, China (16850H-BME) $785

    H: 7.75″  W: 3.25″  D: 2.375″ | free shipping!

    Finely detailed and carved from dense wood, this Kitchen God and his Wife monitor the members of the home from their perch above the stove. Near mirror images of each other they wear layered gold officials’ robes with decorative sashes and symbolically hold a hu tablet. They are in excellent condition with most of the original pigmentation and gilt and make unique wedding gifts..


  • Antique Ming/Qing Wood Shakyamuni Buddha in Meditation, China (16089BMEM) $3400

    H: 14”  W: 9.375”  D: 7.25” | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This fine rare Ming/Qing carving depicts Shakyamuni Buddha in meditation is made from fine dense wood with much of its iridescent pigmentation. He is masterfully carved with a serene, benevolent and pensive expression wearing plain but elegantly carved monks robes. This spiritual piece is a small yet very powerful image.

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  • Antique Official with Hu Tablet, China (14001ZSK) $395

    H: 14.25”  W: 5.5”  D: 4” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This unique and dense antique/vintage carving may represent the noted historical figure:  the principal regent Dorgon  of the first Qing Emperor Shunzhi who ruled from 1643-1650 as a”quasi” emperor based  on the four-character inscription that reads “Southern Holy Emperor.” He is presented wearing an impressive and detailed hat and coat holding a hu tablet characteristic of one standing before an emperor.


  • Antique Queen Mother of the West Casting Out Demons, China (16093BSK) $585

    H: 11.5”  W: 5.375”  D: 4.25” | FREE SHIPPING

    The Queen Mother of the West is one of the most significant Taoist female deities and a patron deity of woman who still pray to her on her birthday for health and longevity.This charming image sits on a backless throne with decorated pedestal, her iconic phoenix in her crown.  Her left hand is in karana mudra to cast out demons and negative energy. As it was consecrated it probably wasplaced on a home altar for personal devotion.



  • Antique Queen Mother of the West on Horse with Elixir Bowl, China (16297BLEM) $3750

    H:  22″  W: 8.25″  D:10″ | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    Given its size and quality, this rare and exquisite Queen Mother of the West probably was placed in a local temple or village/family clan setting. She is the Taoist deity who grants immortality, is the patron deity of women, controls the length of lives, and cultivates of virtue. This magnificent carving portrays her on a horse with a magnificent headdress centered by her iconic striking phoenix holding a cup with the elixir of immortality

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  • Antique Queen Mother of the West on Horse, China (16138BSE) $625

    H: 14.75”  W: 5.25”  D: 6.875” | FREE SHIPPING

    In this Queen Mother of the West (Xiwangmu) image, her significance as one of the most important and powerful Chinese goddesses is indicated by her large size in comparison to her regal horse adorned with a wide blanket, prominent headgear and a double-row harness with a decorative medallion. She wears her characteristic headdress with a phoenix and her  face is framed by abundant hair, pendulous ears and dangling earrings. Her right hand is up in a mudra called mushti , the fist “hand seal” by Taoists representing force, power and determination. She is worshipped today in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other overseas Chinese communities.





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