Coconut Cutters

Coconut cutters, shredders and graters are commonly used throughout Asia as all parts of the nut are used in Asian cuisines. These carved and hand-crafted wood and metal cutting gadgets are an example of the fine artistic skills of Asian wood carvers to transform utilitarian objects into striking decorative pieces. Called boti (also Aruvamanai, Chulesi, or Pirdai) in India and khood maprow in Thailand, they are designed to grate, shave, husk and shred coconuts, as well as large fruits and vegetables. Imaginative pieces were fashioned from one piece of wood in many shapes including crouching animals and long flat boards. These devices were often found in street markets where customers could also purchase the coconut, its milk, grated pieces, or cut fruits. Once a traditional kitchen tool, in modern times they have become a scarce and prized relic of former times.

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  • Antique Carved Coconut Grater/Fruit Cutter, India (9225D-UKH) $250

    H: 5.125″  W: 21.5″  D: 9″ | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    Hand carved coconut cutters like this were commonly used in India and Thailand to facilitate the difficult task of extracting all parts of the coconut that were routinely used in these cultures. Carvers took pleasure in creating unique and functional folk art tools with local artistic motifs. Long since discontinued, this carving with its warm and rustic feel would be a special decorative addition to any style kitchen and an interesting conversational piece.

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  • SOLD Antique Animal Shaped Wood Coconut Cutter, Thailand (3450ZSE) $395


    This antique coconut grater is a very practical multi-use creation designed to cut, grate, shave, husk, and shred coconuts and large fruits and vegetables. Some were carved as crouching rabbits and others like this were realistic renderings of small mammals. Its decorative appeal includes lovely 6-petal flowers above its four legs and elegantly curved and metal piece extending ”  W:from its mouth. With its warm and rustic feel, it would be a unique decorative addition to any kitchen and an interesting conversational piece.

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