Devi is the Sanskrit word for goddess or female deity and means divine, heavenly and a thing of high excellence. The term for a male deity is Deva. A Devi is as powerful as the male Devas Vishnu and Shiva and their great potency is great as they embody all aspects of womanhood. A Devi is the quiet and nurturing mother goddess of India and the protector of Indian villages. Dewi Sri, the most revered Hindu goddess in Bali and Java, is an earth god who controls and sustains the rice crop and fields and personifies the life force that controls birth, life, wealth and prosperity

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  • Antique/Vintage Carved Hindu Devi Child’s Doll, India (3120FLK) $75

    H: 9.5″  W: 2″  D: 1.2″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This antique hardwood local female deity from a provincial area in South India is a Devi, a positive female spirit and fertility deity. Hand crafted as a child’s toy, it was intentionally crudely carved without much detail  and created to entertain and instill pride in the local community’s heritage and religion. It has a shiny patina from natural hand oil as it was handled daily for a century or so.  

  • Antique/Vintage Silver Pendant of Ganesh with Parvati, India (22059XHE) $295


    Ht: 2.75”. W: 2.5” D: 0.25” 1.3oz.  |  FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL U.S.!

    This rare pendant of Ganesh and his mother Parvati seated on a throne is framed within a betel shape with scalloped edges. It is finely crafted heavy silver piece with a top round suspension loop that mirrors the ovule on the bottom. Used as a protective amulet, it shows signs of wear that give it a smooth fine patina.

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