Eight Auspicious Buddhist Symbols

These commonly used symbols in Buddhist art are: Wheel of the Law (literally turning the wheel or teaching Buddhist principles); Conch Shell (whose far-reaching sound symbolizes the deep penetration of the Buddha’s teachings); Standard of Victory (representing the triumph of the Buddha’s ideas and victory over difficulties); Parasol (standing for the security and protection provided by spiritual power); Lotus (the symbol of purity and enlightenment); Vase (the container holding the elixir of life and the treasures that fulfill all wishes; Twin Fish (providing freedom and a happy marriage); and Endless Knot (symbolizing the boundless compassion and wisdom of the Buddha).

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    Antique White Hooded Guanyin in Royal Ease on Lotus Throne (16080LBE) SPECIAL PRICE $700

    Original price was: $885.00.Current price is: $700.00.
    H: 13.75″    W: 6″    D: 4.875″    | FREE SHIPPING WITHIN CONTINENTAL U.S.!

    This charming provincial statue is White Hooded Guanyin lalitsana, seated a lotus symbolizing purity, strength and rebirth. Represented as a humble, motherly figure her expression is one of pure joy with  a gentle grin, half closed eyes and sweet smiling lips that projects happiness and compassion. The scroll she holds symbolizes the Buddhist sutras where she  is mentioned including the Lotus Sutra which describes how she hears and rescues devotees from all types of suffering. This joyful statue would enhance any meditative space.

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