Feng Shui

The Chinese art of arranging any area to create harmony and balance between all energy forces to produce peace and prosperity. Meaning “the way of wind (feng) and water (shui)” and also called geomancy its roots are in Taoism and it is still popular as it has spread throughout China to western cultures.

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  • Antique Kitchen God and His Wife (16850D-BME) $695

    H: 7.25″  W: 3″  D: 1.625″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This Kitchen God and his wife are mirror-images, originally placed above the stove to monitor and bring good luck to the household. Finely carved, they wearing simplified officials robes and symbolically hold a tablet. Their bright colors have faded naturally into a smooth warm patina which adds comfort and positive feng sui to any kitchen decor and are unique wedding gifts.

  • Antique Kitchen God and His Wife, China (16840BME) $850

    H: 7.5″  W: 2.875″  D: 2″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This pair is VA’s most unique and finely crafted Kitchen God couple. Wearing beautifully carved robes, clasping Hu tablets, they have    approachable features and subtly smiling lips. The painted character on the base is a wish for “happiness.”  These exceptional consecrated pieces are in excellent condition with a fine patina.


  • Antique Kitchen God and his Wife, China (16850E-BME) $695

    H: 7.75″  W: 2.875″  D: 1.875″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This Kitchen God and His Wife are well-carved, articulated, well presented. As mirror images sitting on backless chairs on a high plinth, they have similar layered gold officials’ robes  and very different headdresses. Their clasped hands covered in ritual cloth symbolizes holding a hu tablet, they portray the reverence and solemnity associated with house gods whose future of families are in their hands. Antique Kitchen gods are unique and wonderful house or wedding gifts as they add warmth to positive chi to any decor.


  • Antique Kitchen God and His Wife, China (19028LAK) $995

    H: 10”  W: 7.75”  D: 8.25” | FREE SHIPPING

    This single statue portrays the Kitchen God and his Wife on one stand which is rare and indicates their close and lasting relationship as the protectors of the home and family. The Kitchen God and his wife were placed above the stove, a central part of the household to view and report about the morality of the family members to the Jade emperor at Chinese New Year and ahve their fate determined for the coming year. His serene face has an uncharacteristic smile  Their bright colors have faded naturally into a smooth warm patina which adds comfort and positive feng sui to any kitchen decor.



  • Antique Lacquered Fu Lion Candle Holder Pair, China (16065BAE) $395

    H: 5.75.”  W: 5”  D: 2.75” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This antique fu lion pair with candle holders arising from their backs look like they sprung from the mind of a Disney artist – they’re whimsical, have exaggerated features, possess a modicum of power, and command our attention while making us smile. In Buddhist traditions, fu lions were more friendly than fierce, with open mouths displaying teeth in a fanciful almost grinning pose. Following artistic traditions: they sit with forefeet on the ground, have thin bodies with rows of hair, a three-part tail, and are covered with auspicious reds and gilt. This endearing, fanciful, quirky, and delightful additions to any environment.


  • Antique Lacquered Wood Pair Fu Lion Furniture Bases, China (16735BSE) $595

    H: 4.25″  W: 2″  D: 0.75″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    During the Ming and Qing dynasties, small fu lion pairs were very popular accessories. As protectors of Buddhism, they are both menacing and friendly and this remarkably fanciful pair of crouching beasts joyously reflects both traits, with floppy ears, smiling open mouthed faces with tongues hanging out, and curled tails versus bushy eyebrows, bulging eyes and long pointed nails. As originally decorations on furniture with flat rear sides, they can stand alone as decorative accessories or even be a great pair of bookends. However they are used, they are guaranteed to bring a smile to those who are fortunate to see them on a regular basis.

  • Antique Polychrome Monk on Stand, China (16328CSE) $1350

    H: 23.25″  W: 31.75″  D: 9″ | call for shipping 323-568-3030

    This serene and meditational figure represents a Mahayana Buddhist monk on a backless chair, right leg crossed and right hand palms out in a sign of blessing.  With his gentle features – eyes half-closed looking down and his mouth set in a slight sweet smile, enlarged ear lobes of an enlightened being – and softly flowing robe he brings a peaceful and meditative spirt to any space. Made to be viewed in the round It mounted on a custom black wood stand.

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  • Antique Porcelain Cat Teapot, China (16944B-TLE) $145


    This charming antique white glazed porcelain figurine is a cat teapot with a raised paw with removable head for pouring liquid into the vessel and long sinuous tail as a handle to pour liquid from the opening at the end of the paw. The hand painted design is whimsical and colorful with a thin ribbon-like blue collar and a dangling ornamental bow with black accents defining the face, ears, head and paws.


  • Antique Shiwan Ceramic Wall Pocket Double Chopsticks Holder, Shiwan, China (19325A-GHK) $185

    H: 7.125 ”  W:  8.375 ”  D: 3.75 ”  | FREE SHIPPING!

    This Shiwan green  chopsticks holder is divided into two parts with holes on top for hanging and small holes on the bottom for drainage. Chopsticks were often wedding gifts from mothers to daughters with many auspicious wishes: phrases for sons as soon as possible, upside down bats with coins and ribbon meaning “blessings in front of your eyes,”  and border clouds and thunder symbolizing life-giving rain and abundance.

  • Antique Stone Fu Lion, China (16394JLM) $195

    H: 4.5″  Dia: 3.25″ | FREE SHIPPING

    This hand carved antique stone flu lion is a fun loving benevolent creature as seen in his open mouth with sharp teeth in a fanciful grin with a curled tongue, mischievously twinkling eyes under bushy eyebrows and a compressed rotund body with a very small tail. This is not your refined portrait of an elegant protective beast, it’s just a friendly pet hanging out with you. He probably lived in the garden of a provincial fun-loving family and is looking for a similar environment where people like old wonderful pieces to remind them not to take themselves too seriously.

  • Antique Stoneware Lotus and Frog Wall Pocket, Shiwan, China (19302JAL) $285

    H: 8.25”  W: 6.75”  D: 3.5” | FREE SHIPPING

    Wall pockets remain a very common decorative element in Asian homes. In China, they are used to hold chopsticks and flowers to bring good fortune to a space where the family gathers. With a hole in the back for hanging on a wall, this wall pocket is great addition to enhance a kitchen’s  coziness and feng shui and is a wonderful wedding gift.

  • Antique Stoneware Wall Pocket Chopsticks Holder, Shiwan China (16966A-PAL) $115

    H: 7.375″    W:  5.125″    D:  2.5″    | FREE SHIPPING!

    Decorative utilitarian Shiwan ware pieces are recognized for their fine modeling, vivid expression, and colorful apple-green and drip glazes.  Chopsticks were commonly stored in wall pockets with a hole for mounting. Covered with auspicious symbols, they were often part of a bride’s dowry as “chopsticks” is a pun for “speedy arrival of sons.” It can hold utensils, dried flowers, and other objects and is a unique wedding gift.


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