As incense is an important votive offering made to deities and one’s ancestors who are being honored, venerated and showed deference as well as asked for their aid in fulfilling wishes, incense burners symbolize purification, prayer, reverence and respect. Fragrant smoke literally rises upward to the sacred, celestial dwellings in the heavens and informs ancestors and the gods that devotees are honoring them. Chinese temple altars (wuwong) usually have a five-piece ceramic or metal altar, or garniture set centered with an incense burner for joss sticks and a vase and candlestick on each side. For home prayers, a single, simple burner, vase and candle holder is suitable, and followers of other religions, especially Hinduism, burn incense, present flowers and or light oil lamps or candles as important elements to accompany their daily prayers called puja. Since Chinese lacquer naturally darkens over time the darkening process is quicker because of the smoke from incense and candles as can be seen in wood images placed there.

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  • Antique Garden Stool with Framed Panels, China (16779ZLSE) $1400

    H: 18.25”  W: 12”  D: 11.25” | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This stunning antique garden stool has parallel ridges surrounding its body and is a fine and rare piece. Hand thrown with a thick high-fired stable body, it has six framed panels with historic and symbolic images against a white background focusing on the finely made and intricate designs surrounded by rich cobalt blue. Most garden stools were made in a drum or barrel shape, far fewer were hexagonal and fewer still had auspicious objects and poems framed within the panels. This fine piece was created for the garden of a rich family, as cobalt was highly prized and expensive used in sparing amounts unless bound for an an important client. This unique piece has not only outstanding rendered panels, but the objects represented there were included to provide a flow of blessings, good wishes, energy and good fortune to those using it.


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  • Vintage Porcelain Elegant Lady with Rose, Chinese Republic (17036JRK) $240


    This Chinese Republic Period delicate porcelain figurine holds a rose at her heart in her right snow white hand, her left arm covered by her shawl resting on a waist-high decorative vase with an opening to hold incense (joss) sticks. Her shawl drapes over her shoulders and lower garment with floral motifs extending to the beaded belt at her waist. The sweet facial expression with slightly smiling bowed lips is framed by her piled hair looped in a chignon over each ear. Given her luxurious garments and accessories, she is an aristocratic woman. The rose was often used on porcelains  during this period, representing eternal spring.  


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