Kunlun Mountain

The famous abode of the Jade Emperor and his consort the Queen Mother of (Xiwangmu) in the Western Heavenly Paradise where she attends her famous garden containing the peaches of immortality and entertains emperors and royalty and serves them the peaches which bloom once every 3000 years. It is also home to the Chinese Eight Immortals (Bā Xiān).

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  • Antique Elegant Queen Mother of the West, China (16096JASK) $1550

    H: 17.25”  W:  8”  D” 6” | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CALL 213-568-3030

    This extremely fine Queen Mother of the West wears her ornate headdress centered by her iconic phoenix representing the sun and her authority. She is the patron deity of women, a divine teacher and is closely associated with the cultivation of virtue and immortality. On her holy birthday devotees, especially women, gather in temples for celebration rituals.


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