Lotus Sutra

The teaching of the Lotus Sutra expound on the ultimate goal of Mahayana Buddhism which is for all sentient beings to reach their own enlightenment, be relieved from their suffering, desires and the cycles of rebirth and be enabled to experience their own personal and genuine happiness, through a life of compassion, empathy dignity and peace. Viewed as the most important Mahayana Buddhism text, the Lotus Sutra embraces Indian Buddhist philosophy as interpreted, created and disseminated by Shakyamuni, the historical Buddha. In Chapter 25 (the Universal Door of Guanshi Yin Bodhisattva) the Buddha says to Guanyin (who at that time was a male) “if any of the limitless hundreds of thousands … of living beings who are undergoing all kinds of suffering hear of Guanshiyin Bodhisattva and recite his name single-mindedly, Guanshiyin Bodhisattva will immediately hear their voices and rescue them.”

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    Nanhai Guanyin of the South Sea Atop a Fish, China (16376TSK) $675 SPECIAL PRICE

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    This charming 18th century provincial Guanyin of the Southern Seas sits in meditation on a lotus and smiling joyously.  As a protector of the sea, she is seated on an open lotus above a fish with his head and tail emerging from the water. The lotus represents purity and the stem symbolizes Buddhist teachings which give rise to purity of mind and enlightenment.

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