The Paleolithic Period is an ancient era of human progress known for the development and use of chipped and flaked stone tools that range from rudimentary to more difficult depending on the culture and area where it was found. In North America, the accepted general dates by scholars fall in a range of 15,000-10,000BCE and the kinds of simple tools include items shaped by pounding stone to produce tools creating an edge to serve as a chopping blade, stone scrapers, cleavers, spears and points. Finds from this period also include limited numbers small stone sculptures of women, clay animal figures, bone and ivory carvings and incised designs and paintings on stone walls and in caves.

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  • Paleolithic Stone Spearpoint, near Austin, Texas (3171QKM) $495

    H: 7.25”  W: 2.25”  D: 0.25” | FREE SHIPPING

    This triangular spearpoint blade, worked on both sides, was found in Texas, along with with others and are revising theories about ancient American history. They are the oldest weapons found in North America and may date from 15,000-10,000 BCE. Most stone projectiles measure 3-4 inches, but this one is much larger at 7.5″, has impressive stone chip patterns and is likely a hunting tool for mammoths and other large game.

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