Shen Nong

Emperor Shen Nong is believed to have lived in earliest times and was already deified by the Han Dynasty as the Father of Agriculture, having been credited with inventing many farming implements such as the plow and the axe; introducing methods of planting, cultivation and crop rotation; and raising domestic animals. He is believed to have discovered tea in 2737 almost 5000 years ago while sitting under a tree while his servant boiled drinking water, when some leaves from the tree blew into the water.

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  • Antique Shen Nong, Founder of Natural Medicine, China


    In this very large finely carved rare image Shen Nong is carved in the round sitting with his knee up, shoulders covered with leaves that drape down his back and a ribbon draped underneath his bared navel. His face is set in a benevolent smile, emphasized by stylized curls in his eyebrows and beard. He sits on clouds that surround the face of a mythical beast carved in the back of the image. The original red pigment is visible and he is in excellent condition and has been consecrated. This statue is extremely rate.

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