Stamps with designs made of clay, metal, stone and other materials have been used for ages to decorate ceramics when the clay is still pliable. They are also used on clothing, human bodies, and much more and can be simple, schematic or detailed images. They have been found around the world and used in very diverse civilizations and cultures in Asia, Mesoamerica, the Levant, India, the Roman Empire, Mesopotamia and the Middle East to name just a few. Utilized millennia before the birth of Christ, they filled varied purposes: to seal a letter or an important document, to decorate an object with a iconographic image, representation, landscape, zoomorphic image, religious symbol, name or vast amounts of other images or messages. Our collection includes impressive stamped designs used as decoration of fine quality Roman North African pottery.

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  • Ancient Terracotta Platter with Stamped Designs, Roman North Africa (3186A-VHA) $465

    H: 1.625” Dia: 10.125” | FREE SHIPPING!

    A fine ancient Roman platter produced for upper classes from the mid-1st century to the 7th century, this is refined and delicate and has stamped decorative images in complex circles.  Although rough areas with small losses remain, it is an ancient piece otherwise in very good condition that, especially considering its age and use, remains a remarkable surviving piece of history.

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