In Hindu mythology a vahana (Sanskrit: “mount” or vehicle”) is a mythical beast that transports and is the sign of specific deities and represents a significant aspect or characteristic of the deity that increases its power. Major vahanas include Shiva’s bull Nandi, Vishnu’s bird Garuda, Brahma’s and Saraswati’s white swan Hamsa, Ganesh’s rat, and Parvati’s lion.

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  • Antique Brass Nandi, India (9509B-GAH) $155

    H: 3.5″  W: 1.75″  D: 2.5″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This finely cast antique figurine with finely articulated features portrays Nandi with jewels sitting recumbent on a high-tiered throne. Kneeling in reverence to serve  Lord Shiva he is a symbol of purity and strength. Small figurines were placed on home shrines with other deities and significant family items. Made using lost wax   it is a one-of-a-kind piece


  • Antique Bronze/Brass Nandi, South India (9510VHE) $395

    H: 3.25”  W: 1.375”  D: 2.5” | FREE SHIPPING

    This small antique brass Nandi is exquisitely handcrafted with a wonderfully aged patina. He sits recumbent on a raised rectangular platform. Delicately incised with decorative details delineating the head, neck, snout and body, his right leg and tail are sinuous, graceful ornaments rather than defining features. His head is at a 45-degree with lyrically curved horns in contrast to most versions with horns extending backwards. This Nandi is based on a South Indian cow whose humpback is emphasized here by two parallel lines covering it as if is part of a saddle or another ornament feature.

  • Antique Hamsa Heddle Pulley, Burma/Myanmar (11298A-WCK) $195

    H: 10.5”  W: 3.25”  D: 2.375” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This elegant heddle-pulley carved from a single piece of Burmese teak is topped by a hamsa, a  sacred Buddhist symbol of wisdom mentioned in  the Jakata tales about the life of the Buddha. It is believed that auspicious symbolic animal images protected the weaver, assured quality weaving, and pleased the gods and spirits. This antique piece is wonderfully weathered from time and use.

  • Antique Teak Hamsa Heddle Pulley, Stand, Burma/Myanmar (11298B-WHK) $255

    • This elegant heddle pulley with a hamsa is carved from a single piece of Burmese teak and portrayed  with deeply cut wings to express well-articulated feathers. Having an unusually long tail, it runs from his rear and curves to the top of its head. Its feet are atop two connected heart-shaped panels that hide the moving thimble between them providing a more artistic feel. This piece is in very good condition, is wonderfully weathered, and has with minor losses with a fine patina covers its originally painted surface. Mounted on a black wood base, this heddle pulley pairs well with item number 11298A.


  • Antique/Vintage Brass Nandi Figurine, India (9509A-GAH) $245

    H: 4.5”  W: 2.25”  D: 3.25” | FREE SHIPPING

    This well articulated figurine features is Nandi decorated with jewels and recumbent on a high-tiered pedestal throne. Nandi figurines are placed on home altars for daily puja and are decorated with flowers and incense offerings as a sign of respect and this image has an attached incense holder for this purpose. Made using lost wax casting, it is a one-of-a-kind piece in very good condition with a fine patina and smooth surface.



  • Antique/Vintage Jetayu Mask, Museum Quality Stand, Bali (1208JKE) $650

    H: 13.75”  W: 6.25”  D: 9” | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    Jetayu is the mythical demi-god divine bird in the Hindu epic the Ramayana. It is a very rare Balinese mask with a fine patina from decades of dance performances. The crowned forehead and snout, huge round eyes, wide-open mouth, curled leather tongue, expressive jaw muscles with upper and lower sets of piercing sharp teeth in graduated sizes reflect the pinnacle of skilled woodcarving and polychrome painting.

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    Vintage Terracotta Ganesh on his Mouse, India (11284A-YLK) $165

    H: 9″    W: 4.5 ”    D: 2.5 ”    | FREE SHIPPING!

    This vintage terracotta Ganesh sits on an oversized mouse, his vehicle, holding sweets (laddo) representing earthly prosperity and well-being, a weapon to overcome fear and obstacles, and a conch shell symbolizing victory and fulfillment. The pointed aureole with raised orbs reflected is divine status and energy. Its rustic and earthy style with red, green and gold pigmentation is a fine example of Indian folk art.

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