Vairocana Buddha

A major figure in Mahayana Buddhism, especially Vajrayana and other esoteric traditions, Vairocana is the center figure in images of the Five Dyani Buddhas of Vajrayana Buddhism. His consort is White Tara in Tibetan Buddhism. In contrast to Amitabha Buddha who is the personification of Compassion balanced by Wisdom, Vairocana is the personification of Wisdom itself.

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  • Barry Brinker 18″ Silver Necklace with Emeralds, Ancient Coins and Buddha Pendant (N67KEM) $725


    This magnificent Barry Brinker necklace is centered with a Thai Vairocana Buddha ceramic pendant covered with gold leaf, surrounded by multicolored glass beads and on the back is a framed image of what appears to be a monk’s profile. Additional decorations include four Sri Lankan cabochon emeralds and two ancient Roman coins.The 18″ rolo style silver chain is made with imported 950 sterling silver ending in the Barry Brinker signature flame shaped incised tag as part of the clasp.

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