A vase is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism. A picture of a bottle or vase symbolizes “peace” or “safety” because both the character for vase (ping 瓶) and that for peace (pingan 平安) are pronounced ping. A vase with flowers from all four seasons is a wish for peace for all the year and since it is said to contain the elixir of life, it symbolizes the fulfillment of all of one’s wishes. A gift of a vase is not only a wish for peace but, when it holds or depicts symbolic flowers or other images, it may create other rebuses. The bodhisattva Guanyin is often depicted holding a vase, pouring out the contents of a vase or seated to the side or in front of a vase that is a symbol of her compassion. Her vase holds “Amrita” having a wide range of curative powers described as the tears of humanity, nurturing holy water and the dew of compassion that are able to purify defilements of the body, speech and mind and relieve suffering and sickness. The vase of pure water is one of tahe Eight Symbols of Good Fortune.

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  • Antique Ceramic Pillow, China (3847JLS) $105

    H: 4″  W:  9.5″  D: 4.5 ” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This charming fanciful vintage underglaze blue and white porcelain pillow has added hand-painted green and red florals, fruits and vases in relief within framed geometric borders of blue cobalt oxide pigment. The top curves in the center to cradle the neck for comfort and flares outward. The front and back sides have charming painted relief images of vases on the front and fruit on the back. The top and bottom have seals applied to Chinese antiques indicating they were approved for export. There is a slight chip on the front, otherwise it is in excellent condition.


  • Antique Garden Stool with Framed Panels, China (16779ZLSE) $1400

    H: 18.25”  W: 12”  D: 11.25” | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This stunning antique garden stool has parallel ridges surrounding its body and is a fine and rare piece. Hand thrown with a thick high-fired stable body, it has six framed panels with historic and symbolic images against a white background focusing on the finely made and intricate designs surrounded by rich cobalt blue. Most garden stools were made in a drum or barrel shape, far fewer were hexagonal and fewer still had auspicious objects and poems framed within the panels. This fine piece was created for the garden of a rich family, as cobalt was highly prized and expensive used in sparing amounts unless bound for an an important client. This unique piece has not only outstanding rendered panels, but the objects represented there were included to provide a flow of blessings, good wishes, energy and good fortune to those using it.


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  • Antique Pair Glazed Stoneware Vases, Shiwan, China (16901V-CEM) $825/Pair

    H: 11.75″  W: 4.75 ”  D: 4.75 ” | Call 213-568-3030 for shipping cost

    Made with rounded, elegant, soft corners and having intricate designs in relief against a smooth background, this striking and graceful pair of vases will complement the overall presentation of any home They create an appealing, well-proportioned silhouette. A vase, actual or as an image, is commonly seen in Chinese homes as a symbol of peace and safety and the fulfillment of all of one’s wishes. Vase pairs can also used as part of a 5pc altar set when their decorative and/or structural designs are in sync with the other components.


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    Antique Rare 5pc Piece Stoneware Altar Set, Shiwan, China (16901BLKE) $2950 SPECIAL PRICE

    Original price was: $2,950.00.Current price is: $2,300.00.
    H: 15.25″  W: 24-28 ”  D: 5″ | CALL 213-568-3030 FOR SHIPPING COST

    This rare 5 piece green glazed Shiwan stoneware altar set consists of a censor at the center flanked on each side by a pair of candlestick holders and vases. Each elegant piece has a coordinated glaze and decorative and structural designs with intricate, well-proportioned features to combine as a wish for symbolic wish for the fulfillment of all of one’s wishes including the 5-blessings (health, wealth, longevity, a virtuous life, a natural death).

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    Bronze Guanyin in Meditation, Thailand (11250BKE) $485 SPECIAL PRICE

    Original price was: $485.00.Current price is: $395.00.
    H: 19.5”  W: 9.375”  D: 9” | CALL 213-568-3030 FOR SHIPPING

    This lovely 20th century Thai bronze statue is the White Clad Guanyin seated in meditation with her hands in her lap holding her vial of precious dew with her legs covered by her robes which flow to the top of the finely rendered multi-tiered lotus throne. Her open hood is centered by a mandorla surrounding an image of Buddha Amitabha, the Buddha of Infinite Light, her spiritual teacher. She is a vision of compassionate serenity with her half closed eyes and benevolent smile.

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  • SOLD Song Dynasty Tile of Vase with Flowers, China (3347BLE) $995 with Acrylic Stand

    H: 11”  W: 9.5”  D: 1.65” | FREE SHIPPING

    This earthenware brick tile bordered with a deep scalloped frame depicts a vase with a bouquet of propitious flowers: a chrysanthemum and a peony wrapped with an elegant ribbon. Tiles like this were made to decorate the large numbers of buildings created during the prosperous Song dynasty and to adorn tombs. This elegant brick is in good condition for its age with expected chips and cracks, some restoration of background and a re-glued frame break on each side. It has earth adherents from its burial in a tomb.

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