Vintage (1921-1980) Vintage pieces are now considered collectible since they are often better made and add a note of nostalgia. We have also included the category Antique/ Vintage (1910-1950) to define overlapping time periods which were years of major creativity, especially in China spanning the end of the Qing Dynasty to the beginning of the Chinese Republic.

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  • Vintage Mask of a Clown (Topeng Begul), Java


    This mask (Topeng Begul) reflects two themes in Javanese mask theater: it is comical, foolish and ludicrous with a silly bulbous clown nose while also a demon with animal teeth, fangs, bulging eyes almost all in a stark black and white design. Although “Jatiguwi” is written on the inside of the mask, the Javanese merchant who sold it in the 1970s said it was the clown’s particular name, but we were not able to confirm this. Although there are many contemporary and reproduced masks from Indonesia, authentic traditional ones are extremely difficult to find. This one was personally collected in the 1970s in Java and is in good condition with surface losses and scratches consistent with its age and use.


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