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  • Antique Carved Jewelry Box with Auspicious Symbols, China (16000TRK) $325

    H: 6.375″  W: 10.75″  D: 7.125″ FREE SHIPPING!

    This charming carved and lacquered multi-use box opens from the top and has a side drawer with a metal pull. It decorated with auspicious carved symbols as wishes for a good, healthy, prosperous and long life  Carved fu lion heads with flowing manes adorn the front and plum blossoms and a fan adorn the front and frame.  Painted calligraphic poetic phrases refer to a wish for many sons. It probably was a wedding gift to newly weds and would still be great for that purpose.

  • Antique Guanyin with Crown in Meditation, China (16467PRK) $495

    Ht: 10.5”  W: 5.5”  D: 4” | FREE SHIPPING!

    Guanyin is portrayed in this gilt and lacquer carving seated on a lotus in the lap in meditation mudra  atop a decorative footed stand in elegantly draped robes. In thisregal form she wears a 5-lobe crown with a cross hatch design in the center while her hair rests atop her head in a bun encircled within the crown.

  • Rare Antique Carving of Guanyin on a Deified Ox, China (16287LMK) $885

    H: 10.25″    W: 7.5″    D: 3.75 ”    | SHIPPING INFORMATION REQUIRED. CONTACT US AT  213-568-3030

    This extraordinary rare and delicately rendered rural carving is a female bodhisattva possibly Guanyin seated on a lotus throne atop an ox.  Beautifully highlighted in vibrant gold and adorned with intricate designs on the lotus petals and ox’s saddle coverings, this statue shows how the concept of a bodhisattva was adapted to the deification of  “draft animals,” (beasts of burden) who were integral to rural daily and agricultural activities in Chinese Popular Religion, Buddhism and Taoism beliefs.

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