Antique Carved Jewelry Box with Auspicious Symbols, China (16000TRK) $325


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This charming carved and lacquered multi-use box opens from the top and has a side drawer with a metal pull. It decorated with auspicious carved symbols as wishes for a good, healthy, prosperous and long life  Carved fu lion heads with flowing manes adorn the front and plum blossoms and a fan adorn the front and frame.  Painted calligraphic poetic phrases refer to a wish for many sons and it was likely a wedding gift to newlyweds and would still be great for that purpose.


Finely crafted antique boxes like this are often used to store jewelry and valuables in the top and money in the side drawer with teardrop metal pull and are called a “lucky money box.” A charming antique Chinese woodcarving, it may have been among the gifts from parents to wish newly weds a harmonious, successful and happy life. There are the auspicious carved images that are wishes for a good, healthy, prosperous and long life and the written poetic phrases relate to fertility and the bearing of sons. The fu-lions (also called Buddhistic lions) on the front are strong and powerful mythical animals that are paired guards at entrances to buildings in China and a symbol for protection and harmony. A lion image is also a pun for Taishi, a wish to the owner for achieving the highest social rank. Five petal plum blossom images on the top inside and outside frame above the drawer are symbols and a wish for the bestowal of the Five Blessings:  health, wealth, longevity, having a virtuous life virtue and a peaceful death. The fan in the center frame is the symbol of Han Zongli, the most popular of the  Eight Immortals and he and his fan are a popular symbol of longevity and a homophone for virtue and goodness. The Chinese characters on the rear is the poetic phrase “The flowers bloom in full moon,” and the one on the top mean to “Blue mountain and bright mirror.” The moon represents female energy (yin) and fertility, implicitly a wish for many sons to carry on the family legacy. The bottom inscription is not totally legible but they may have something to do with the date of the piece. It has a lacquer coating which has naturally darkened over time.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 6 in
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Antique (1200-1920)


Late 19th Century

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Dimensions (inches)

Ht: 6.637" W: 10.375" D:3.75"

Dimensions (metric)

Ht: 16.19cm. W: 27.30cm. D: 18.22cm


Excellent, age appropriate signs of wear

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