Shoulao (壽) is one of the most popular Chinese gods as he is the God of Longevity and his name is homophonous with the word for peaches, also a symbol of longevity. Longevity symbols are ubiquitous in Chinese art and everyday life, found within and outside dwellings, in paintings and prints, on textiles, clothing and jewelry among other items. Longevity was important to Confucians who believed wisdom comes with age and to Taoists who seek immortality. The most common symbols of longevity and the wish for a long life include butterflies, cats, coral, cranes, chrysanthemums, citron, deer, evergreens, fly whisk, lingzhi mushrooms, oxen, peaches, peonies, pine trees, rocks, roses, rabbits, storks, tigers and tortoises. The Taoist Queen Mother of the West and Amitabha Buddha are both associated with longevity. Lu Dongbin and his fly whisk, as well as the other seven Chinese Immortals and their personal identifying symbols are also longevity symbols.

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  • Antique Attendant with Offering, China (16424A-BLE) $435

    H: 15.5″. W: 5.5″. D: 4.24″  | FREE SHIPPING!

    This well-carved figure represents an attendant that would have been on a home altar to accompany a Taoist figure. Standing on a tall pedestal with a slight smile and downcast eyes, he reaches across his chest to present a rounded box secured with a ribbon. He wears an official’s hat and boots, open waistcoat over an undergarment secured at the waist. The pointed inner panel of his lower garment has slightly flaring panels with incised carved decorations.  He is in very good condition with remains of the original lacquer and gilt which have naturally darkened from age and. from years of incense, age and use.

  • Antique Blue and White Porcelain Miniature Ewer, China (4056B-DKM) $135


    This charming miniature ewer or small pitcher was made during the Tongzhi Period and probably used in a restaurant or home kitchen as a dispenser for soy sauce, oils or other liquids. Likely from a provincial area, the spout and handle are elegantly curved. The thick cobalt blue designs are set on a spotted grey ground with a chrysanthemum on each side and abstract plantain curved vertical leaf designs below. There are also bindweed vines on both sides, neck and lid and the oval above the flower. The lid’s underside is unglazed and has a lotus shaped bud atop for lifting, and the inside and lid’s underside has century old stains from soy, dried oil or other dark liquids attesting to its age and use. It is in good condition with some chips, discoloration and spotting consistent with its age and use. The bottom has a Chinese antique export seal.

  • Antique Carved Jewelry Box with Auspicious Symbols, China (16000TRK) $325

    H: 6.375″  W: 10.75″  D: 7.125″  |  FREE SHIPPING within continental U.S.

    This charming carved and lacquered multi-use box opens from the top and has a side drawer with a metal pull. It decorated with auspicious carved symbols as wishes for a good, healthy, prosperous and long life  Carved fu lion heads with flowing manes adorn the front and plum blossoms and a fan adorn the front and frame.  Painted calligraphic poetic phrases refer to a wish for many sons and it was likely a wedding gift to newlyweds and would still be great for that purpose.

  • Antique Carving of Auspicious Fruit Offering, China (19304UAK) $195

    H: 4.75″  W: 3.675″  D: 3.675″

    This offering plate with a stack of five propitious fruits was probably affixed to one of the bed posts for a couple as a wish for male children and longevity. The plate sits on a base draped with a stylized ritual cloth and embellished with carved leaves and holds a pomegranate on top to symbolize fertility and the four peaches below are symbols of longevity.

  • Antique Document Holder with Poem and Auspicious Symbols, China (19404XRK) $350

    H: 10.75”  W: 7”  D: 4.5” | FREE SHIPPING

    This  delicately carved and elaborate document holder was designed to be mounted on a wall held up by its back panel with sumptuously carved floral cutouts and graceful curvilinear embellishments. It was clearly intended as a wedding gift as it is embellished with a huge assortment of auspicious symbols for newly weds, with wishes for wealth, glory, harmony, unity, fertility, the birth of sons, longevity among others.  The scalloped carrier section is covered with with black, red and gilt designs and poems by the very famous Song Dynasty poet Su Shi. This would be a wonderful, unique, and appropriate wedding gift to send the bride and groom off with the best possible wishes.

  • Antique Female Attendant with Offerings, China (19035BKE) $595

    H: 14”  W: 6.25  D: 3.5” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This delicately carved seated female attendant probably accompanied a religious image on a home altar. She holds an offering plate with three offerings of dumplings or pieces of fruit, possibly a peach trio, Chinese longevity symbols. A three-item offering is a pun for a group of three ancient coins known as tael a symbol of wealth and a wish for high status.


  • Antique Ladies Vanity Cabinet with Elaborate Carving (16442LMK) $695

    Ht: 20.75”  W:  19.125”  D: 11” | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This very fine ladies vanity cabinet is covered with red lacquer, the color of blessings (fu), highlighted with gold and deeply carved and painted decorations of auspicious symbols to bring happiness, good fortune, long life and many sons to the elite couple who may have received it as a wedding gift by parents in hopes of them successfully carrying on the family tradition.  This is a reflection of the Confucian belief having sons to carry on the family name is essential to real happiness.

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  • Antique Low Lacquered Wood Table, China (16005LMK) $595

    H: 5.625″  W: 27.875″  D: 9.75″ | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This charming small antique wood cabinet has two intricately carved drawers for storage and was probably made from elmwood.  Its low profile and fine lacquered finish add warmth and a touch of antique fine craftsmanship lends itself to a multitude of uses in any setting.  Auspicious symbols to bring blessings of fu carved on it include peonies and vines surrounding the butterfly pull, plum blossom and a Japanese lily on the left. The two sides have inset panel with florals and the bottom of the three sides has a decorative apron with fretwork vine design. It is covered with a warm patina which extends to the detailed brass butterfly handles. The drawers have marvelous carved wood designs.

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  • Antique Porcelain Cat Teapot, China (16944B-TLE) $145


    This charming antique white glazed porcelain figurine is a cat teapot with a raised paw with removable head for pouring liquid into the vessel and long sinuous tail as a handle to pour liquid from the opening at the end of the paw. The hand painted design is whimsical and colorful with a thin ribbon-like blue collar and a dangling ornamental bow with black accents defining the face, ears, head and paws.


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    Antique Shiwan Offering Bowl, Peaches and Lotuses, Shiwan, China (19330A-BLE) $450 SPECIAL PRICE

    Original price was: $450.00.Current price is: $375.00.
    H: 5.5″  Dia: 6 ” | FREE SHIPPING IN CONTINENTAL u.s.!

    Shiwan stoneware fruit offerings were especially popular during the Ming and Qing dynasties when the were placed on temple or home altars to communicate and venerate ancestors, augment fresh offerings and bring auspicious blessings of fu to families presenting them. The three peaches interwoven with lotuses are associated with springtime, fertility, and especially a long healthy life for many generations. They are considered propitious gifts for birthdays, especially for the elderly.

  • Antique Two Sided Sweetmeat Confection-Mold, China (3562BLE) $425

    H: 15.125″  W: 14.875  D: 1.25″

    This beautiful intricately hand carved, decorated and red lacquered confection-mold with carved indentations on both sides was probably an wedding gift for a wealthy family filled with auspicious symbols –  5-petal plum blossoms with vines and seeds are wishes for good fortune, prosperity, long life and many sons.  IT would make a unique wedding gift for a lucky couple.

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    Antique Wood Zhenwu the Taoist “Perfected Warrior,” China (19416XLKE) $975

    Original price was: $1,250.00.Current price is: $975.00.
    H: 15.25″  W: 6.75″  D: 6.75″ | Call 213-568-3030 for Shipping Quotation

    Zhenwu (Perfected Warrior) is one of the most important and powerful Taoist deities, god of one of the 4 cardinal directions (the north) revered for his potent magical powers to suppress demonic forces. This provincial image for personal devotion and reflects his classic iconography: seated on a throne, bare feet resting on a snake and a tortoise, a celestial scarf and maille armor. Intricately carved he has a powerful presence.

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