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This antique carving is a magnificent example of provincial Buddhist statues made by local artisans.This serene exquisitely carved Guanyin sits on a  detached pedestal base in meditation. Made to be seen in the round, she wears a traditional three part garment with delicate incised leaves and leaf motifs on the front, back, and sleeves.  The gentle, sweet face is soft and set in a peaceful and calming half smile. Her high pointed crown depicts the Five Tantric Dhyani Buddhas, which we have rarely seen in Guanyin provincial images. .


Irvin calls Guanyin one of the Great Chinese Goddesses who are all imperially sanctioned and epitomize the feminine role of compassionate protectors who grant health, long life and safety to all regardless of their social position. This rare antique Guanyin carving depicts is gender neutral seated on a plain detachable pedestal in meditation (dhyana) with gently carved fingers touching in her lap. The delicately carved and painted face is idealized but also displays uncharacteristically humanized facial features and is set in a gentle sweet smile with pursed lips and surrounded by prominent pendulous ears. This modest, human and relatable treatment reflects its provincial origins by a local artisan. The crown is set with the Five Dyhani Buddhas of Tantric Buddhism, with Vairocana, Amoghsiddhi, Ratnasambhava, and Akhshobhya) each deeply carved and placed in a pointed bordered lobe on either side of a centered Amitabha Buddha of Eternal Light. As traditional, they are similar images with folded legs in meditation seated on a stylized throne (padmapitha) wearing monks robes. Guanyin is garbed in a traditional undergarment tied at the chest that extends over the legs, covered by a long-sleeved outer garment that flows over the shoulders, loops at the waist, and drapes down the back.  Delicate incised leaves within caved circles and other leaf motifs appear  on the front, back, and sleeves and swirl in a circular pattern on the legs set in padmasana under the robe. This piece is an outstanding syncretic image drawing on various Buddhist sects. It is in excellent condition with expected age cracks and much original pigmentation extant, although the face, chest, and hands may have repainted long ago as part of its normal upkeep in a temple or home shrine.

Lee Irwin, “Divinity and Salvation: The Great Goddesses of China,” in Asian Folklore Studies, Indiana University, Vol. 49, 1990, pp 53-68.





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Antique, Qing Dynasty


18-19th Century

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Ht: 27.5” W: 13.5 ” D: 10.25 ”

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Ht: 69.85 cm W: 34.29cm D: 26.035 cm


Excellent, age appropriate signs of wear

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