Antique Carved Teak Figure, Burma/Myanmar, (11001BKE) SPECIAL PRICE

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This wonderful teak carving may be an indigenous Burmese Nat placed atop a large fleur-de-lis shield reflecting British influence. Wearing a local native sarong (longyi) with an attractive border drawn up between his legs, a decorative pointed collar covers his chest and shoulders, his headgear is pointed at each side, the eyes are mother of pearl, and the red-painted lips are what remains of what was likely a fully painted carving.


Nats worship was integral to indigenous beliefs in Burma/Myanmar since before the arrival of Buddhism. Burmese-carvings of these mythical or deified humans are  seen in Buddhist temples, pagodas, government buildings, and in nat centers throughout Burma. Nats existed in early forms in shamanism and animism beginning when life was associated with agricultural pursuits and the Burmese focused on land, sky, and nature spirits of trees, rocks, and rivers. Later, mythological figures and deified humans including rascals and alcoholics were designated as nats, and their worship focused on pleasing them with offerings, prayers, and propitiations so they would award devotees luck and prosperity, although nats are said to provide favors only as long as they are rewarded. After the spread of Buddhism in Burma, nat worship diminished somewhat but still has a strong place in Burmese culture. This teak folk art carving was likely part of a multi-figured scene placed outside in the elements at a temple or monastery as part of a historical or religious tale or legend. In very good condition for its age and use in an outdoor setting, it has a weathered patina, although his right arm, the front of the left foot and central portion of the headgear are lost.

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19th Century

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Dimensions (inches)

Ht: 23” W: 10” D: 5.5”

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Ht: 58.42cm W: 25.4cm D: 13.97cm




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