A longyi is a long piece of a colored woven cloth traditionally 2 meters (6.6.ft.) long and 80 centimeters (2.6 ft.) wide. Worn as daily clothing throughout Myanmar (Burma), outside of cities, all Burmese wear them when bathing in public for modesty. Most elderly Burmese are comfortable wearing them daily and they are still considered the school uniform from elementary schools to universities despite those who now prefer to wear modern western clothing despite longyi being well entrenched as part of Myanmar’s unique culture.

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  • Antique Carved Teak Figure, Burma/Myanmar, (11001BKE) $450

    H: 23″  W: 10″  D: 5.5″ | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This wonderful teak carving may be an indigenous Burmese Nat placed atop a large fleur-de-lis shield reflecting British influence. Wearing a local native sarong (longyi) with an attractive border drawn up between his legs, a decorative pointed collar covers his chest and shoulders, his headgear is pointed at each side, the eyes are mother of pearl, and the red-painted lips are what remains of what was likely a fully painted carving.




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