Antique Porcelain Spouted Jar with Lugs, China (1106WHE) $135


H: 5”  W: 5.25”  D: 4.5” | FREE SHIPPING!

Utilitarian ceramics like this were used in home kitchens and restaurants to hold oil, sauces, soy or other liquids. This spouted blue and white porcelain jar has four loops, also called lugs, so a natural fiber such as rattan could be threaded to either secure a top create a way to hang it to a peg. Sealing the top was very useful if the jars contained liquid and needed to be transported. The piece is decorated in a free and expressive manner with a charming impression of a country scene of a building in a landscape surrounded by tall trees. The cobalt is thick and dark in some areas of the foliage and applied with a thin, sparing and light brush elsewhere.


Blue and White porcelain was first made in China during the Yuan dynasty and its production increased during the Ming and Qing dynasties. Before that, ceramics fired at lower temperatures were every day functional-and-utilitarian pieces using inexpensive clays and colors made in quantities for the poor.  Because porcelain was superior to other ceramics, a huge response ensued for it especially with blue and white designs which were more expensive but much more in demand. As China’s affluence and its trade grew, the rich there and everywhere fueled demand and blue and white Chinese porcelains became status objects worldwide. By the Qing dynasty, and especially in the Tongzhi period every day functional-and-utilitarian blue and white porcelains included tea wares, pouring-vessels like this, small containers, scholars objects and other serving ware. This pour-vessel is decorated with nature and landscape scenes that were very popular at the time. The cobalt is thick and dark in some areas of the foliage and applied with a thin, sparing and light brush elsewhere.It is in good condition with some fading, nicks and discoloration from age and use.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in
Place of Origin



Antique, Qing Dynasty


18-19th Century

Materials and Technique


Dimensions (inches)

Ht: 5” W: 5.25” D: 4.5”

Dimensions (metric)

Ht: 12.7cm W: 13.335cm D: 11.43cm


1lb 7 oz


Good, paint/surface losses consistent with age and use, no restorations/repairs

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