8.5” Bracelet with Amber, Swarovski Crystals and Silver Separators, US (15621D)


Length 8.5″ | FREE SHIPPING!

This vibrant bracelet is composed of 4 large multi-faceted dark amber beads and 10 small light multi-faceted Swarovski crystal beads in various shapes. These beads are separated by 16 small but finely articulated sterling silver spacers. Although contemporary the sterling separators add a vintage feel perfect for casual or business attire.


This charming contemporary-jewelry bracelet features natural amber, Swarovski crystals and intricate sterling silver spacers. Amber has been a favored gem for millennia, prized for its beautiful colors, distinct variations, luster and warmth to the touch and admired by royalty, warriors and common folk. In ancient times it was referred to as solidified sunshine, a gift of the sun and tears of the sea. Although referred to as a gemstone it is not a stone, it is an organic gem together with ivory, pearls, and coral formed from fossilized resin from organic plant or trees in ancient forests in regions bordering the Baltic and North Seas where it is called Baltic gold. It is so light floats in salt water and is often washed up on seacoasts. Believed to be a powerful stone it has been worn to attract wealth and prosperity and bring protection by absorbing negative energy and was worn by warriors, said to bring them confidence, boldness and courage. In Asia it is considered the “soul of a tiger” and a stone of bravery. It is part of the VA Contemporary-Jewelry collection.

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