Most silver jewelry is sterling silver, an alloy of silver which is more suitable to use for jewelry and other metalwork. Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver that is generally too soft and malleable for making most silver jewelry. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper which makes the silver harder, more durable and much better to work with and use, without compromising on color. Antique and vintage silver pieces are common in India, especially among rural and tribal populations.

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  • 8.5” Bracelet with Amber, Swarovski Crystals and Silver Separators, US (15621D)

    Length 8.5″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This vibrant bracelet is composed of 4 large multi-faceted dark amber beads and 10 small light multi-faceted Swarovski crystal beads in various shapes. These beads are separated by 16 small but finely articulated sterling silver spacers. Although contemporary the sterling separators add a vintage feel perfect for casual or business attire.

  • Antique Silver Ganesh Pendant with Four Arms and Sweets (22043BLE) $395

    Ht: 5.125   W: 3.75″ D: 0.625″ | FREE SHIPPING within continental U.S.

    This massive, heavy silver pendant represents a four armed Ganesh seated within a betel shape frame wearing a crown and reaching for modak, a rice flour sweet dumpling filled with coconut that is his favorite treat.  Ganesh pendants are worn for good luck as he is the God who removes the obstacles in devotees’ lives.



  • Antique/Vintage Silver Pendant of Ganesh with Parvati, India (22059XHE) $295


    Ht: 2.75”. W: 2.5” D: 0.25” 1.3oz.  |  FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL U.S.!

    This rare pendant of Ganesh and his mother Parvati seated on a throne is framed within a betel shape with scalloped edges. It is finely crafted heavy silver piece with a top round suspension loop that mirrors the ovule on the bottom. Used as a protective amulet, it shows signs of wear that give it a smooth fine patina.

  • Antique/Vintage Votive Silver Puja Spoon, India (3892BES) $185

    H: 6.625:  W: 1.625″  D: 0.25″ FREE SHIPPING!

    This finely crafted vintage votive silver spoon was part of an array of objects used for daily Hindu prayers (puja) which were arranged on a puja tray. Solidly cast, it is embellished with beautify flowing and lyrical incising from the elaborate handle down to and including the inside of the spoon it is covered with gorgeous linear designs, florals and stylized lotuses bordered with a stylized rope motif.

  • Barry Brinker 18″ Silver Necklace with Emeralds, Ancient Coins and Buddha Pendant (N67KEM) $725


    This magnificent Barry Brinker necklace is centered with a Thai Vairocana Buddha ceramic pendant covered with gold leaf, surrounded by multicolored glass beads and on the back is a framed image of what appears to be a monk’s profile. Additional decorations include four Sri Lankan cabochon emeralds and two ancient Roman coins.The 18″ rolo style silver chain is made with imported 950 sterling silver ending in the Barry Brinker signature flame shaped incised tag as part of the clasp.

  • Barry Brinker 27″ Necklace with Carved 3.5″ Stone Fish, Black Pearl and Silver Fittings (P142LKE) $425

    Pendant 3.5″ Chain 27″ | FREE SHIPPING

    This elegant necklace is part of the VA Barry Brinker Vintage Collection which are created before the year 2000. The pendant is a finely carved stone fish with a beautiful dangling black natural pearl hanging from its mouth. The 27″ rolo necklace chain and fittings are 950 silver and has a clasp containing the Barry Brinker signature flame shape tag with incised initials that secures to the clasp.

  • Barry Brinker 28″ Pearl Cluster Necklace (N372N-AEM) $585

    H: 2.75”  D: 2.625”  D: 0.5” | FREE SHIPPING

    This marvelous silver pendent necklace is a one-of-a kind artistic jewelry piece created by gifted, popular and well-known jewelry designer Barry Brinker more than two decades ago. Its high quality silver (950) pendent is composed of three gorgeous white pearl crosses and has a 28” silver chain.  The silver chain has the Barry Brinker (BB) signature flame shaped tag as part of the clasp.

  • Barry Brinker 3 Strand 7.25″ Leather Bracelet with Silver Fittings (P065BAK) $275


    This one-of-a kind heavy 950 silver bracelet was created two decades ago by the well-known jewelry designer Barry Brinker. With 950  silver fittings, bold leather strands and its iconic BB innitials signature, this unisex bracelet is a fine compliment to casual and business attire.

  • Barry Brinker 8.75″ Men’s Silver Double Chain Link Bracelet (B053LEM) $395


    This one-of-a kind heavy silver double chain men’s bracelet with octagons links was created over two decades ago by the well-known, popular and extremely creative jewelry designer Barry Brinker. The 950 silver has a muted finish and the circle used as a clasp has the iconic incised BB signature and flame.

  • Barry Brinker 8.75″ Men’s Silver Indian Motif Link Bracelet (BB1LKE) $475



    This Barry Brinker Vintage Collection mens’ silver bracelet is made with highest quality sterling silver (950) with a soft patina finish. The individual curved links inspired by motifs from India. Made from heavy silver with a small security chain, it is reversible with unique designs on each side. The end clasp has a small tag incised with the signature Barry Brinker icon.

  • Barry Brinker Natural Black Pearl Cross Silver Necklace (P062LKE) $475

    Chain 18.5”  Cross 1.75” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This striking Barry Brinker necklace has pendant made of a black cross shaped pearl encased in a wide silver casing. The rear of the cross and the tag on the clasp are incised with the iconic BB signature and flame.  The fittings and rolo style are 950 sterling silver. The meaning of a black pearl varies by culture, but it is known to be associated with and symbolize beauty, power, wealth and protection. In this piece it creates a beautiful natural iridescent in the shape of a spiritual cross.

  • Barry Brinker Necklace with Thaler Coin Pendant and Vintage European Fittings (N370KEM) $685

    Silver Necklace 21” |FREE SHIPPING!

    This Barry Brinker necklace holds a pendent of an restrike of 1760 German thaler with three sets of vintage French fittings above and a vintage silver oval dangling below. The rolo style silver chain is 21″ has a hook closure with the Barry Brinker (BB) signature flame shaped tag as part of the clasp.

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