Barry Brinker 27″ Necklace with Carved 3.5″ Stone Fish, Black Pearl and Silver Fittings (P142LKE) $425


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This elegant necklace is part of the VA Barry Brinker Vintage Collection which are created before the year 2000. The pendant is a finely carved stone fish with a beautiful dangling black natural pearl hanging from its mouth. The 27″ rolo necklace chain and fittings are 950 silver and has a clasp containing the Barry Brinker signature flame shape tag with incised initials that secures to the clasp.


Although this fine necklace is contemporary-jewelry, we consider it part of the VA Barry-Brinker-Vintage-Collection with pieces made in the 1990s when his creations combined 950 silver with antiquities or antiques, unique artifacts, gemstones, natural pearls and other treasures acquired during his travels. With his unique training in architecture, design and fine art, his pieces are hand-made, one-of-a-kind, personally designed and constructed in his studio in Bali whose craftsmen follow his specific instructions. This necklace demonstrates his brilliance in combining disparate items with silver: an elegantly carved stone fish pendant with incised scale designs clasped at the fish’s tail and a beautiful black natural black pearl dangling from its mouth. The pendant with dangle measures 3.5” and the rolo 950 silver chain of small round links is 27″, a versatile length that can be used with any type of attire. The hook closure has the Barry Brinker (BB) signature flame shaped tag as part of the clasp. Fish are symbolic images in many cultures as they are a dietary staple around the world and have meanings. In Buddhism they symbolize a happy marriage, fidelity and fertility as they swim freely and produce many offspring and in Christianity, the Greek word for fish (Ichthys) is an acronym for “Jesus Christ the Savior Son of God”.

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Chain: 27” Fish with Pearl 3.5”

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Chain 68.58cm Fish 6.67cm



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