Necklaces have a long history as decorative items, indications of wealth and status, displays of spiritual beliefs and even providing protection to the wearer. They still serve as meaningful adornments and design statements that compliment and upgrade one’s personal style. While many necklaces are timeless, some types are currently very much in vogue. One of the most popular styles is the pendant necklace, an extremely versatile form that is suspended from a variety of chains such as gold, silver, leather and ribbon and can be as simple as a small stone or as elaborate as a large, incised silver ornament worn with practically anything in one’s wardrobe. Coins and spiritual pendants are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Necklaces with vivid gemstones are particularly charming and stylish accessories and a simple gemstone necklace can spice up any outfit. Colorful stones, however, should be worn with understated clothing to allow for better focus on the necklace. Beaded necklaces with glass, coral, crystal, stone or even clay beads continue to be fashionable and pair perfectly with casual outfits like jeans, a sweater or a casual dress.

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  • Contemporary Necklace with Swarovski Black and Flat Green Crystals, US


    This exquisite choker necklace strung on silk string is composed of 13 Swarovski green flat-rounded crystal beads and 14 black round ones all separated by 25 German silver spacer beads. Aurora refers to the unique lustrous coating on the glass producing a beautiful and dazzling green shine. Hand crafted as a one-of-a-kind piece, its unique style makes a bold statement and is a stunning accessory to any outfit, from casual to business to more formal wear.

  • Necklace with Keishi Pearls, Citrine Pieces and Vintage Agate Dzi Beads


    The several gemstones and beads comprising this hand crafted necklace make it an elegant accessory with associated positive powers. This beautiful necklace has 72 Keishi Pearls, 3 Tibetan agate Dzi beads, 29 orange citrine gemstone pieces and orange glass beads, gold plated metal beads and brass-plated fittings. Two Dzi beads are vintage one with an eye on each side, and the third is a gorgeous modern round one with 8 eyes not counting two through which the hole was drilled. Unique and elegant, this one of a kind necklace is a wonderful accessory for casual and business attire.

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