18″ Necklace with Keishi Pearls, Citrine and Vintage Dzi Beads (15226EAR) $145



The several gemstones and beads comprising this hand crafted necklace make it an elegant accessory with associated positive powers. This beautiful necklace has 72 Keishi Pearls, 3 Tibetan agate Dzi beads, 29 orange citrine gemstone pieces and orange glass beads, gold plated metal beads and brass-plated fittings. Two Dzi beads are vintage one with an eye on each side, and the third is a gorgeous modern round one with 8 eyes not counting two through which the hole was drilled. Unique and elegant, this one of a kind necklace is a wonderful accessory for casual and business attire.


This elegant contemporary necklace is uniqued fashioned with Keishi pearls and agate beads. Prized for their organic shapes and their incredibly high luster, jewelry designers use Keishi pearls to make one-of-a-kind pieces, especially necklaces, that are remarkably unique and distinctive and are sought after as statement pieces. They are thought to boost memory and the ability to think and make decisions, lessen anger, and help create good relationships, calmness and increases in one’s power. Citrine, rare in nature, are popular durable, reddish orange crystal gemstones associated with confidence and optimism leading to self-assurance, prosperity and success. Tibetans consider Dzi agate beads (also called Tibetan beads or  Heaven Beads) to be hereditary gems with symbolic “eyes” and decorative designs such as zig zags, squares, ovals, waves, zig zags, diamonds and other archetypal patterns that bring good health, happiness, luck, and protection. A single-eye Dzi bead is said to bring wisdom, calm, sense of purpose and high achievements and a 2-eyed one brings happiness in marriage, relationships and long associations. In Buddhism they are the symbol of the Dharma and the path to enlightenment.

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15226 EAR

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