Vintage Ethiopian Coin Silver Coptic Cross with Birds (E301YBL) $70


H: 2.375”  W: 1.875″ | FREE SHIPPING!

This large and heavy antique Ethiopian Cross is typical of the intricate and beautiful crosses associated with the Coptic Christian tradition in Ethiopia. The top is an etched circular section and the  bottom section is a tri-partite design depicting the Trinity. The four birds on the outer edge surround geometric forms Interspersed with geometric shapes that my symbolize the Ark of the Covenant. The elaborate patterns decorate both sides of the cross which is in excellent condition.



The etched circular section at the top of this cross spiritually represents eternity and Christ’s halo, his infinite love and resurrection. A circle is also an apotropaic symbol of the “protective eye” that brings personal blessings to the wearer and deflects misfortune. The bottom section is a tri-partite design depicting the Trinity. The four birds on the outer edge are believed to transform the Cross into a tree which is a reference to the Tree of Life. Visually portraying the cross and the Tree together signifies the True Cross, the beginning and end of time and the unique lineage of the Ethiopian people to the biblical Queen of Sheba. Interspersed with the birds are geometric shapes that may symbolize the Ark of the Covenant, also associated with the Queen of Sheba. The lattice work in the center of interlocking threads is the never ending knot that is a visual presentation of ever lasting life and the eternal nature and presence of God and Christ’s unceasing actions for human salvation symbolizing unity, the order of life and the Church, eternity and everlasting life. Never ending patterns are also believed to entrap malevolent beings for eternity since these evil demons are believed to be lured by their compulsion to follow the endless lines.

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Additional information

Place of Origin



Antique/Vintage (1910-1980)



Materials and Technique

Coin silver

Dimensions (inches)

Ht: 2.375 W: 1.875"

Dimensions (metric)

Ht: 6.895 cm Width: 4.76 cm


1 oz


Very good, patina and wear consistent with age and use

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