As states Encyclopedia Britannica, in Christian doctrine the trinity refers to the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three persons in one Godhead which is one of the central Christian affirmations about God. The Trinity is a fundamental concept in Ethiopian doctrine and is symbolized in most Ethiopian crosses by tri-partite designs and by repeating basic motifs on the cross three times. The Trinity itself symbolizes unity and order that reflect the relationship between God and humanity.

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  • Antique Ethiopian Coin Silver “Fleury” Cross (E335ZCE) $275

    H: 2.75″    W: 1.75 ”  | FREE SHIPPING WITHIN CONTINENTAL U.S.!

    This exquisite and unique Ethiopian Orthodox Cross is a modified Fleury Cross, each arm ending with three-part rounded finals with narrow borders enclosing a floral pattern creating visual harmony and symmetry The piece is large but light and delicate with finely crafted and pleasing dimensions. It is in excellent condition with a warm patina and signs of wear consistent with age and use.


  • Antique Ethiopian Coin Silver Fleury Cross (E338ZCE) $175

    Ht: 2.563″  W: 2.063″    | FREE SHIPPING WITHIN CONTINENTAL U.S.!

    This wonderful Coptic Cross is in the form of a fleury or floriated trefoil cross with the end of each arm splayed into three pointed lobes representing the Trinity. The body is embellished with parallel rows of small granulates which results in a vibrant textured surface. The chain is not included.



  • Antique Ethiopian Coptic “Cross Pattée” (E328TCE)

    Ht: 2.625″  W: 1.625″   | FREE SHIPPING WITHIN CONTINENTAL U.S.!

    This elegant antique Ethiopian Coptic cross was fashioned as a Cross Pattée with flaring arms that narrow towards the center and expand to its end. Often crosses made prior to the 20th century in small villages by skilled local metal smiths were simpler, yet they are strikingly beautiful and powerful. This weighty piece was made using the lost-wax process to create a one-of-a-kind pendant, embellished with six round protruding bosses and etched dots added after the lost wax process. The chain necklace is not included.


  • Antique Icon of “Virgin Mary of The Three Hands” Holding the Infant Christ, Russia (0002BCEM) $2350

    H: 17.5″  W: 14.875″  D: 1.75″ |  FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This vibrant antique icon of Virgin Mary of the The Three Hands is a traditional Eastern Orthodox image of the Mother of God with the infant Christ seated on her right arm and one underneath supporting him and her left raised and pointing to him. Her three hands confirm her special healing powers based on the legend of Saint John of Damascus. She is bordered on each side of the frame by saints.  Russian icons are regarded as the Gospel in paint and are typically small paintings on wood panels using tempera and often ornate gold leaf. Panel cross members or “back slats” were used in pre-1890 Russian icons like this one.

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  • Vintage Ethiopian Axum Coptic Cross (E311YBL)


    This vintage Ethiopian cross pendant was crafted hand in Axum, known for its crosses with religious geometric shapes and symbols and apotropaic symbols to provide protection to the wearer. The center with cutouts and etched linear decorations simulates an endless knot to entangle malevolent spirits and the small incised circles on the arms are “protective eyes” that are believed to be able to bring blessings, deflect misfortune and avert the “evil eye.”  The chain necklace is not included.


  • Vintage Ethiopian Coin Silver Coptic Cross (E304YBL) $70


    This elegant Ethiopian cross displays the distinctive tri-partite design of Coptic crosses with rounded horizontal arms and bottom symbolizing  the Trinity, portion of a circle symbolizing eternity, and apotropaic symbols to repel evil forces and avert the “evil eye.” Made using the lost wax technique, it is a one-of-a-kind piece with etched details on the front and some on the back and signs of wear. The chain necklace is not included.


  • Vintage Ethiopian Coin Silver Coptic Cross with Birds (E301YBL) $70


    his large and heavy antique Ethiopian Cross is typical of the intricate and beautiful crosses associated with the Coptic Christian tradition in Ethiopia. The top is an etched circular section and the  bottom section is a tri-partite design depicting the Trinity. The four birds transform the Cross the Tree of Life, signifies the True Cross, the beginning and end of time and the unique lineage of the Ethiopian people to the biblical Queen of Sheba.The elaborate patterns decorate both sides of the cross which is in excellent condition. The chain is not included.


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