Antique/Vintage Silver Pendant of Ganesh with Parvati, India (22059XHE) $295


Ht: 2.75”. W: 2.5” D: 0.25” 1.3oz.    FREE SHIPPING!

This rare pendant of Ganesh and his mother Parvati seated on a throne is framed within a betel shape with scalloped edges.  It is finely crafted heavy silver piece with a top round suspension loop that mirrors the ovule on the bottom. Used as a protective amulet, it shows signs of wear that give it a smooth fine patina.


The rare antique tribal silver amulet depicts the Hindu Gods Ganesh and his mother Parvati. Ganesh, who removes obstacles and brings fortune, wears a crown and joyfully holds up trunk. His large elephant head and ears symbolize knowledge through listening and reflection and his four arms symbolize the four aspects of Hinduism, the four Vedas (ancient sacred books) and the stages of life. Parvati is Ganesh’s mother, Shiva’s consort, a mother goddess symbolizing love and devotion and a fertility image. Crafted in Rajasthan this tribal-art pendant is in the shape of a modified scalloped yoni (female womb) or a betel leaf. The betel leaf is a sign of good fortune and prosperity and is used in offerings to deities. The amulet has an ovule at its tip and is topped with a large suspension loop. Tribal amulets like this often originated in temples and were worn by devotees. Unlike many Ganesh pendants, this depiction was worn for its protective powers, not for good luck. Lovely patina shows wear consistent with age and use. In recent years traditional Rajasthani pieces have become increasingly scarce. This piece is part of the VA Spiritual-and-Inspirational Collections of Hindu-Cultural-and-Ritual Art and Deities-and Legends. The finely crafted coin silver chain is included.

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Antique/Vintage (1910-1980)



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1.3 oz


Excellent, fine patina demonstrating age and use

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