Meaning “Daughter of the Mountain” in Sanskrit and also called Uma, Parviti is the wife of Shiva and a benevolent goddess. Against Shiva’s will she created the elephant-headed Ganesha. Parvati is depicted as a mature and beautiful woman and often shown in sculpture with Shiva as an attendant, observing him performing a miraculous feat, or engaged in activities with him in their mountain kingdom Kailasa.

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  • Vintage Terracotta Shiva Lingam with Parvati, India


    This colorful terracotta image devotional image of Shiva and Parvati was used for daily puja in a Hindu home. Shiva is represented by a lingham, a symbolic phallus, while the image of his consort Parvati is portrayed as a female deity figure. The dark green tree behind them highlights both of them and a garland of colorful flowers draped over the dark Shiva lingham emphasizes the importance and power of Shiva. The orange and black snake at the apex of the garland is Vasuli, the charm Shiva usually wares around his neck who represents Shiva’s power and fearlessness, while Parvati reaches across to the lingham to designate Shiva as the important “center” of the composition.

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