Most Hindus have on their home altars an image of Ganesh (also Ganesha), the god who overcomes obstacles and brings good fortune, and during puja, pray to him before worshiping other deities. Ganesh traditionally is portrayed seated on his vahana, the mouse, with the head of an elephant, with one whole and one broken tusk a pot belly and four arms, symbolizing the four Vedas (ancient sacred books) of Hinduism, the four arms of Hinduism and the four stages of life. Usually, his four arms hold such objects in his raised arms as a noose, goad, axe, mace or conch shell, and in his lower arms a bowl of sweets (laddo) and a broken tusk. His trunk leans towards his left to eat the sweets which represents earthly prosperity and well-being and indicates that one must discover the sweetness of the Atman, or soul. He holds his broken tusk in his right lower hand; the two tusks, one whole and the other broken reflect the existence of perfection and imperfection in the physical world. He holds the broken tusk like a pen symbolizing the sacrifice he made to write the Mahabharata. It is said that giving or receiving a Ganesh for any new undertaking assures a smooth transition and success to one’s new undertaking. Ganesh’s images are ubiquitous: in paintings, as statues, jewelry, textile design, on architectural structures and other forms.

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  • Antique Silver Ganesh Pendant with Four Arms and Sweets (22043BLE) $395

    Ht: 5.125   W: 3.75″ D: 0.625″ | FREE SHIPPING within continental U.S.

    This massive, heavy silver pendant represents a four armed Ganesh seated within a betel shape frame wearing a crown and reaching for modak, a rice flour sweet dumpling filled with coconut that is his favorite treat.  Ganesh pendants are worn for good luck as he is the God who removes the obstacles in devotees’ lives.



  • Antique/Vintage Silver Pendant of Ganesh with Parvati, India (22059XHE) $295


    Ht: 2.75”. W: 2.5” D: 0.25” 1.3oz.  |  FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL U.S.!

    This rare pendant of Ganesh and his mother Parvati seated on a throne is framed within a betel shape with scalloped edges. It is finely crafted heavy silver piece with a top round suspension loop that mirrors the ovule on the bottom. Used as a protective amulet, it shows signs of wear that give it a smooth fine patina.

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    Vintage Terracotta Ganesh on his Mouse, India (11284A-YLK) $165

    H: 9″    W: 4.5 ”    D: 2.5 ”    | FREE SHIPPING!

    This vintage terracotta Ganesh sits on an oversized mouse, his vehicle, holding sweets (laddo) representing earthly prosperity and well-being, a weapon to overcome fear and obstacles, and a conch shell symbolizing victory and fulfillment. The pointed aureole with raised orbs reflected is divine status and energy. Its rustic and earthy style with red, green and gold pigmentation is a fine example of Indian folk art.

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