Antique Silver Ganesh Pendant with Four Arms and Sweets (22043BLE) $395


Ht: 5.125   W: 3.75″ D: 0.625″ | FREE SHIPPING within continental U.S.

This massive, heavy silver pendant represents a four armed Ganesh seated within a betel shape frame wearing a crown and reaching for modak, a rice flour sweet dumpling filled with coconut that is his favorite treat.  Ganesh pendants are worn for good luck as he is the God who removes the obstacles in devotees’ lives.




Ganesh is one of the most distinctive images in Hinduism. His elephant head symbolizes the gaining of knowledge through listening (large ears) and reflection (large head).  His ample belly symbolizes the whole universe contained inside him and his ability to digest whatever experiences life brings and is a sign of well-being and of his role as provider of earthly riches. With one leg on the ground and the other folded as if in meditation, he reflects the balance between the practical and the spiritual life. This very large folk art pendant is in the shape of a modified yoni or betel leaf, a sign of good fortune and prosperity,  has raised florals and is bordered with a rounded edge. Betel leaves are also used as offerings to deities. Ganesh is seated with four arms symbolizing the four Hindu Vedas (sacred books), the four arms of Hinduism and the four stages of life. He holds a trident linking him to Shiva in his right upper hand, holds his lower right hand up in blessing, a bowl of sweets in his upper left hand, and his lower left hand holds a rope to trap things that attract the mind to the world. This pendant is part of the VA collection of Spiritual and Inspirational Art and Deities-and-Legends. The coin silver chain is included.

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Antique/Vintage (1910-1980)