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This vibrant and finely carved wood statue is the old good-natured Earth God Tudi Gong once found in most rural communities throughout China. He is a kind and benevolent god as seen by his good natured features, believed to live in and help residents of small villages, especially for issues relating to agriculture or wealth.   As an administrator he sits on a horseshoe chair wearing officials clothes and carries a tael, a gold bar that symbolizes a wish for wealth. With his sweet and unpretentious demeanor, he looks like someone you just like to hang out with. Once in every village and most homes, these charming images have, like all Taoist deity images, become scarce.




Tudi Gong is the Chinese Earth or Land God referred to by many names and often fondly referred to by commoners as “Grandpa.” He is a syncretic deity and tutelary deity, responsible for administrating and protecting the affairs of small towns and villages, especially issues concerning agriculture or wealth, and is believed to control the prosperity and fortune of common people. Even today he remains of one of the most widely worshipped Taoist-deities especially in rural China and Taiwan, where he is enshrined on an indoor or outdoor home altar, under the main altar, or below the house door or in temples in urban and rural areas. Historically, every provincial village and local community had its own unique Earth God, who was believed to have actively lived among and interacted with the community residents he protected. This typical Tudi Gong has a kindly face and gentle features with well-defined lips, heavy-lidded half-closed eyes, a benevolent smile and prominent cheeks covered by a flowing beard. He wears an officials-attire: a high, squared official headwear hat that flows down his back, a three-quarter jacket fastened below his waist with long sleeves flowing , and a deeply carved skirt tied at the waist by a double belt. The bright red robe trim signifies fu – the  good luck and prosperity linked to Tudi Gong. He sits with slightly-hunched but rounded broad shoulders in an officials  horseshoe chair with one hand holding a tael, a gold bar, and a wish for wealth, and the other hand on his knee, the traditional position for an official. The robes were originally black with bright red trim and then covered with lacquer that naturally darkens with age. It is in very good condition, although much of the pigments have been lost because of age and use. The back was also painted and has a carved open cavity indicating it was consecrated. This statue is part of the VA Spiritual-and-Inspirational Collection of Deities-and-Legends

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Antique, Qing Dynasty


18th century

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Ht: 12.125" W: 6.125" D: 4.125

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Ht: 30.79cm W: 15.56cm D: 10.47cm


2 lbs 8oz


Very good, patina and wear consistent with age and use

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