Metalwork has been used to create Asian statues and decorative pieces for millennia. The earliest metalwork items were ritual vessels for worshipping or presenting offerings to ancestors and the gods, objects celebrating important events in the lives of rulers and ancestors, or images of gods and deities worshipped by devotees. Our collection has fine metalwork items made either using the lost wax casting method or by casting pieces using a mold. The lost wax produces a one-of-a-kind work of art because the mold is damaged, altered or destroyed during or after its use as exemplified by utilitarian and religious item made by Indian Dhorka metalsmiths. Molded pieces can produce multiple versions most often using bronze, brass, iron and metal alloys with smaller works made using gold and silver Originally only for the rich and imperially sanctioned, especially in China, metals were later used to make utilitarian vessels and utensils, ceremonial, ritualistic. decorative and religious objects, architectural ornamentation, personal ornament, weapons, armor and bells. Metal craft techniques include repousse, hammering, embossing, cloisonné, enameling among others. Thai, Burmese and Nepalese items in our site including Buddha images, are generally mold made using bronze, brass, and other copper alloys.

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  • Ancient Inca Ax Head, Indigenous Meso/South America/Peru (1866BAL) $525

    H: 4.25”  W: 3.75  D: 0.75” | FREE SHIPPING

    This strong, thick, substantial yet relatively light T-shaped Inca copper alloy bronze ax has considerable wear on one side. Scholars describe these pieces as a classic weapon of the Inca Empire centered in Cuzco, Peru. Bronze ax heads were a very valuable and versatile tool. Their wide T-like top made them tight and durable when secured to a thick wooden handle and their strength and thickness also made them a very useful chopping and digging tool. This one has a fine patina and is very worn on one side attesting to its age and use. It has no restorations or repairs.

  • Antique Brass Nandi, India (9509B-GAH) $155

    H: 3.5″  W: 1.75″  D: 2.5″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This finely cast antique figurine with finely articulated features portrays Nandi with jewels sitting recumbent on a high-tiered throne. Kneeling in reverence to serve  Lord Shiva he is a symbol of purity and strength. Small figurines were placed on home shrines with other deities and significant family items. Made using lost wax   it is a one-of-a-kind piece


  • Antique Brass Vishnu Oil Lamp (Diya), India (9571B-PAH) $165

    Ht: 3.75”  W: 3”  D: 3.5” | FREE SHIPPING

    This heavy antique brass oil lamp is devoted to Vishnu with symbols for him and his consort Lakshmi who together are the paradigm for rituals and ceremonies of a blessed Hindu marriage. Used on a home or temple altar for daily prayers (puja), it has with a yoni shaped cup to store oil, a lotus top and a mark of Vishnu that his devotees wear on their forehead to indicate their spiritual affiliation.


  • Antique Bronze Miniature Stupa/Pagoda, Nepal (3207LME) $425

    H: 3.25” Dia: 2.25″ | FREE SHIPPING!

    This 18th-century antique hand-made bronze 7-level stupa/pagoda was made in Nepal and was purchased in the 1970s in Kathmandu. This fine example has decorative details around the base and two of the round eaves have scalloped edges. It was used for personal devotion on a home altar or shrine. Antique Buddhist items are now extremely scarce in Nepal.

  • Antique Bronze/Brass Nandi, South India (9510VHE) $395

    H: 3.25”  W: 1.375”  D: 2.5” | FREE SHIPPING

    This small antique brass Nandi is exquisitely handcrafted with a wonderfully aged patina. He sits recumbent on a raised rectangular platform. Delicately incised with decorative details delineating the head, neck, snout and body, his right leg and tail are sinuous, graceful ornaments rather than defining features. His head is at a 45-degree with lyrically curved horns in contrast to most versions with horns extending backwards. This Nandi is based on a South Indian cow whose humpback is emphasized here by two parallel lines covering it as if is part of a saddle or another ornament feature.

  • Antique Cast Iron Pot w/Handle and Hook, India (5014JAK) $150

    H: 12.75″  Dia: 7″ | FREE SHIPPING

    This is plain but attractive antique welded Indian iron pot is covered with a nice antique rust color patina and its clear lines indicate where each metal piece was joined in its construction. Generally formed in an egg shape with a rounded bottom for easy pouring, it has a tactile charm and character that would add to any kind of décor.

  • Antique Cast Iron Tea Kettle (Tetsubin) Galloping Horses, Japan (4153BKE) $695

    H: 12.5”  W: 10”  D: 9.5” | FOR SHIPPING INFORMATION CONTACT US AT 213-568-3030

    This large Meiji hand-made Japanese cast iron tetsubin tea kettle with a lid with a lotus bud, ornamental top handle, and curved pouring spout was for boiling and pouring water to brew tea for Japanese tea ceremonies.  The simplicity of its form combined with its elegant raised galloping horse design is perfect for warming up kitchens of any style. 

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  • Antique Cast Iron Tea Kettle (Tetsubin) with Temple Shrine on Lid (1799JOK) $295

    H: 8.625”  W: 7.5”  D: 6.5” | FREE SHIPPING

    Japanese cast iron tetsubin teapots like this have traditionally been used to boil water for the Japanese Tea Ceremony. With its large handle, rounded shape, pitted surface and rare ornamental temple-shaped knob it would enhance any kitchen and be a wonderful gift of any tea lover.

  • Antique Cast Iron Tear Kettle (Tetsubin) Lotus Knob, Japan (2007TOK) $295

    H: 8.625″  W: 7.5″  D: 6.5″  | FREE SHIPPING!

    Japanese cast iron Tetsubin tea kettles have been prized for their health benefits and zen simplicity since they were introduced 400 years ago. This elegant antique  kettle has a scalloped top, curved handle and contrasting textures and simple designs on its lid with a lotus shaped knob. This kettle would enhance any kitchen décor and be a wonderful gift for any tea lover.

  • Antique Coin Silver Ethiopian Latin Cross (E332FCE) $195


    This simple elegant Ethiopian-cross  pendant is a plain Latin Christian-cross, the universal symbol of Christianity, surmounted by a raised rounded cross in the center. Although it is heavy with a distinct and massive feel, its soft edges and matted surface from years of wear impart a feeling of grace and warmth. Often crosses made prior to the 20th century in small Ethiopian villages by skilled local metal smiths were simpler, yet they are strikingly beautiful and powerful. Made using the lost-wax process, each is a one-of-a-kind work. The necklace chain is not included.


  • Antique Dhokra Brass Measuring Bowl, India (9500A-WAH)

    H: 3.875” Dia: 3.875” | FREE SHIPPING!

    Dhokra items like this measuring bowl for rice or other grains are beautifully and often intricately decorated, very accessible, made with an appealing simplicity and in uncomplicated forceful and captivating forms. Made by the lost wax technique, each item has a distinct one-of-a-kind identity as the mold is broken after use so no copies can be made. This charming piece is a typical small grain measure and has a rounded lip, bulging body, and handle for hanging and decorated with horizontal striations across the top half bordered by a band of downward striated triangles, and a broad horizontal band at the center. It is in very good condition with a smooth patina from prolonged use and its considerable age.

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  • Antique Dhokra Brass Measuring Bowl, India (9500B-VAH) $155

    H: 4.25” Dia: 4” | FREE SHIPPING!

    This antique brass vessel was a daily measuring bowl for rice or other grains made by the Dhokra metalsmiths from Eastern India using lost wax casting which creates a unique and distinct identity and a one-of-a-kind object.  Dhokra items are beautifully and intricately decorated, very accessible, made with an appealing simplicity and their uncomplicated forms are forceful and captivating.  This charming one is a typical small grain measure with a round lip, bulging body, handle for hanging and decorated with horizontal striations across the top half bordered by a band of downward striated triangles and a broad horizontal band at the center. It is in very good condition with a smooth patina from prolonged use and its considerable age.


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