Rare Antique Child’s Sukhothai Bronze Bangle with Raised Knobs, Thailand (3369B-ZHE) $395


Diameter: 2.5 ”  Thickness: 0.5″ | FREE SHIPPING in continental u.s.!

This rare 13-14th century Sukhothai ring-shaped bronze bangle has a unique design. While many Sukhothai were undecorated, this one is has three raised knobs dividing it into thirds, articulated ends and, rather than being a complete circle, it has a small opening.


Prehistoric Thai Bronze Age jewelry, adzes and tools have been found all over Thailand. Excavations from various soil levels show many sites had been inhabited for millennia. They confirm the existence of an early, well-developed metallurgical tradition of bronze digging and cutting tools, adzes (ancient axe like tools to cut wood),  adult and child’s bronze and iron bracelets, anklets and other items. By the time of the Sukhothai Kingdom (1238-1438), the Thai metal industry had become more advanced and bronze items found underground by farmers often retained most or all of their surface sheen when they were covered or protected, or covered, wrapped or found in conditions that did not create deterioration and losses. Many bronze bracelets from this time were smooth and undecorated, as decorations and/or designs were usually seen only on items made for those of the highest status. Most children did not wear bronze jewelry, and those who did were likely members of a honored, prestigious family. This is in excellent condition with minor surface deterioration expected for its age and burial. A very similar piece is in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Additional information

Place of Origin



Antique, Sukhothai Kingdom


13-15th Century

Materials and Technique

Bronze/brass/copper alloy

Dimensions (inches)

Diameter: 2.5" Thickness: 0.5"

Dimensions (metric)

Thickness .127cm D: 0635 cm


4 oz


Excellent, age appropriate signs of wear

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