Bronze is an alloy mostly consisting of copper with the addition of other metals, small amounts of other non-metals that might also be in the mix, and the range of alloys produced were harder and stronger than copper alone. Bronze was often cast and used as tools and weapons, but over centuries artists developed casting methods making hard but thin and lightweight mold-made pieces with sharp and highly accurate details that were both beautiful and accurate representations of life-size deities, religious, and historical figures. As
they were harder and much more durable than versions made in stone and other materials, they have generally been more valued and long lasting, many having survived for millennia.

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  • Antique Pair of Bronze Khmer Palanquin Rings, Thailand (3378AEM) $1150

    H: 4.675″  W: 3.875″  D: 0.5″

    This elegant pair of ancient 12-13th century Khmer Empire cast bronze palanquin rings are decorated with ornate vegetal designs, possibly stylized lotus leaves, and highlight the fine technical abilities and artistry of the ancient Cambodian Khmer Empire’s meticulously detailed metal art. Mounted on unique stands for display in any setting.

  • Han Dynasty Bronze Dagger-Axe (ge), China (3154A-BHK) $395

    H: 4.375″  W: 7.5″  D: 0.25″ | FREE SHIPPING

    First developed in the Shang dynasty, the Chinese dagger-axe (ge) was used as a military weapon through the Han dynasty. A dagger-shaped blade was mounted to a pole or shaft and secured using its tang (shank) and the holes on the  sections of its body. It is very similar to the other ge on our site (3154B-BHK).

  • Han Dynasty Bronze Dagger-Axe, China (3154B-BHK) $495

    H: 4.375”  W: 7.375”  D: 0.1875” | FREE SHIPPING!

    An ancient military weapon, bronze dagger-axes like this were used for millennia. It consists of a pointed blade, rear and low protrusions with openings for attaching to a shaft to allow it to be used as a thrusting and swinging-motion weapon. It was mounted and secured to a pole or shaft through the openings on its two perpendicular sections. This ge is a fascinating piece of military history and is in very good condition with minor losses and some verdigris expected in an ancient and roughly used bronze pieces.

  • Rare Antique Child’s Sukhothai Bronze Bangle with Raised Knobs, Thailand (3369B-ZHE) $395

    Diameter: 2.5 ”  Thickness: 0.5″ | FREE SHIPPING in continental u.s.!

    This rare 13-14th century Sukhothai ring-shaped bronze bangle has a unique design. While many Sukhothai were undecorated, this one is has three raised knobs dividing it into thirds, articulated ends and, rather than being a complete circle, it has a small opening.

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